Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Hey, your epidermis is showing

Where do kids learn to bug each other with these things?

This is a photo I snapped last summer, it's one of my favorites. I went swimming in a local lake yesterday. The temp was somewhere between that and this

but I had just run two laps of the lake, n/s on the second. Trihubby worked the weekend and took the day off, so we met at the lake. The first lap was a moderate tempo warmup around the lake that seems to attract a disproportionate number of mostly naked coeds, and since the female population was heavily favored, I was a little suspect as to why Trihubby suggest we meet at this lake.

The second lap was a "stride" run meant to reach LT for several minutes than drop speed and let your heart rate lower. Trihubby was supposed to just run at race pace minus something, so he went on ahead. I then had the advantage of following his tight little boot-tay around the lake, which quickly became a game. He'd run out ahead for a distance, then I would accelerate to catch and "tag" him. The first time I tagged him he was taken by surprise, but he quickly warmed up to the game. and of course he was going to make me pay if I wanted to tag him, so he accelerated. Lucky for me there were enough boobs around to distract even the pope himself, and I caught him again. We continued that regimen around the lake and it made for a good pace time. We ended at the swim beach which was just too tempting. I jumped in for a moment just to "ice" my legs and decided to swim a few laps.

Trihubby decidedd to remain on the beach with the boobs. It might just be my opinion, but he missed out.

We grabbed a salad for lunch and I had to head home, but surprise, Trihubby went back to boob beach.

To his great credit, Trihubby is an honorable man who has always treated me with great respect and used good discretion when it comes to these things,

but I swear if he runs too many times around that lake, I'm going to Ebay Stella and go in for a Dolly upgrade. (For you younger folks, that would be a P.S. Anderson upgrade-and that gal has a lot of PS)

Tri season is in full swing so take some time to cruise around the blogs-there are some great race reports out there.

Great job Bolder, Nancy, Triathlete Bridget and Commodore just to name a few.

I've got 17 days until my first half iron--so Train Trimama, Train!



erica Molina said...

so close to your half? egads. go girl, go.

i suppose that much boobage flapping around is a distraction to anyone. even trimama.

i spent time at an LA beach this weekend to get in an ocean swim. nothing worse to make you feel flabby, pale and old than standing around sands full of college co-eds who are playing volleyball with nonmoving breasts.

walchka said...

mostly naked coeds...what lake were you at? ;)

17 days still you kick some butt.

Chris said...

What walchka said. I've been here since '98 and have been missing out on all this fun?! ;)

Best of luck at Liberty. I'm going to try and make it down that weekend to volunteer and cheer some.

Spence said...

Kickin' the bootay, as usual. Keep up the hard work!! Hey, I got my "uniform" and it's GREAT!! THANKS so much for organizing all that...very very fun!!!

Fe-lady said...

They probably looked at you running and were secretly in awe and jealous. Just know that they will not continue looking like they do at your age unless they put some effort into it. Laying around getting a tan at 30 isn't a great workout...and makes for flabby boobs.
See how many push-ups they can do!
Probably zeee-row!
Wow- looking forward to hearing about that 1/2 IM in 17 days! Best of LUCK!

CFB Historia Artes said...

They probably looked at you running and were secretly in ás para trabajar los textos del Profesor Juan Pablo Donoso, antes de cerrar esta entrada.

Camilo Rosselntrada.

Camilo Rossel

nancytoby said...

Go trimama!

Your half is the day before mine!! Go go go! I want to see you rock that event!!!

Bridget said...

Thanks for the blog mention! I love your run description and think I will have to try that with my hubby one day. He is much faster, and fiercly competitive which would make for a great workout. woo-hoo for only 17 days!! You will kick bootay!

p.s. the upgrade might help stay on top of the water for a swim, but would be pretty bad for the run!

Mama B said...

Hey trimama ~

I love reading your blog! you are a great writer, and really really funny. Thank you :)

Just wanted to say hi and wish you luck on your first half iron.

Kick some butt trimama!

Susan said...

don't tell my husband where that lake is!

That is an awesome picture btw.

The Spandex-King said...

And all of this time I thought it was so cool to ride out in the country and look at the wildlife. I think I'll try the lake from now on. Maybe city life aint all that bad. And what was the name of that lake?

Bolder said...

that first pic... i could look at that all day long.

same thing with boobs though.

me and da hubby would get along just fine.

train, trimama, train!

Spence said...

Hey, what's up with the new puppy!!?? We want pictures with the new Tribe member!!!

Ellie said...

I can't wait to hear about your half!! You're gonna Rock!