Friday, May 05, 2006

Laces out, Dan!

Upon completing the massive yard clean up ritual of spring on Monday, I came to the conclusion that we needed a new table for the back patio. The only bad part about triathlon is that it greatly reduces my garden budget, and suspending a slab of particle board between two tri bikes is not exactly what I envisioned for this space. I have several "spaces" in my yard, and this is the one dedicated to morning coffee and contemplation. Trihubby needed another set of hands at work this afternoon, so I volunteered with the presumption that he would buy me my table. I now have space, because of course I went to Target before meeting him at his work site.

He warned me that the homeowner was a bit of a Packer's fan. A "bit" is an understatement comparable to saying Lance is a good biker. All I can say is Laces out, Dan!
To protect the privacy of the homeowner I didn't take, nor would I post pics of this monolithe of Packer worship, suffice to say, it was creepy. 1000 square feet of green and yellow. Emblems on walls, cutouts of favorite players in every corner, murals of Lambeau, collages of years of tailgating and several thousands of dollars of merchandise, including his seats from the original Lambeau before makeover. I can't imagine Canton surpassing this place. So, of course if I return I'll have to leave a copy of my paper from Super Bowl XXXII. One thought, 31-24, Broncos.

Before any of you feel compelled to site Jake et al, give me a break. I live in a town that currently owns 4 sports teams none of whom are capable of beating the local high school in their respective sports. The Twins disgraced themselves with a 33-2 outing last weekend. It's been a long dry spell for Trimama since XXXII. Which would be the upside to triathlon, I don't have time to really pay attention currently.

Trihubby races a sprint tomorrow-yes I am envious. This was the inagural race of my rookie year, last year. It's a great venue with a pool swim and a friendly bike and run. I took 10th a/g and 25th overall-no doubt I could improve on that but racing will have to wait until next year. This year is exclusively about going long. With 5 weeks to Liberty 70.3, I have a 2 hour run and a 4.5 hour bike to get in this weekend-there will be no sleeping in for Trimama.

Onward then, and have a nice, safe weekend


Habeela said...

At least you got a nice table! :)

Vickie said...

Nice blog. I can't remember where I found this, maybe Ironwil? Anyway, good luck on your workous this weekend.

Fe-lady said...

Every backyard/patio needs a place to have the morning brew while you are getting ready for the days ride. I mean, where did you sit down to put on your shoes prior to the table/chairs purchase?
So you have "only" been competeing a year? I thought you had some IMs behind you already. Must have misinterprted something/somewhere along the way!
Good luck to tri-hubby! Sprints can HURT!

Chris said...

Liberty is coming around in a hurry, isn't it? Best of luck! And I hope you have some good weather for your longer workouts!