Friday, October 06, 2006

Answers and more questions

"B" and "C"

My first reaction to Marathon singer was to turn and ask him to sing louder, with an "I love that song" and just as I was about to do so, I remembered this was probably an "A" race for him and he was in his own space, enjoying the day. There is nothing like a little course humiliation to ruin the experience, so I thought it kindest to leave him to his Billy Joel, thankful for the laugh. "For the longest time" lingered in my brain until we hit the Lake of the Isles bridge with The Hallelujah Chorus blasting from a bose system that wouldn't fit in my living room. Perfect.

Now, onward to more pressing matters.

With all of this training Taconite Boy and I feel like Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head with our parts falling off. So, if anyone has a spare right arm, email me and I'll give you my address. While we are at it, I might try a new nose...

At any rate, I'm lying a little low this week, sort of a recovery week, sort of I stacked all of my "key" workouts in the front of the week, which leaves extra time for life's little observations.

Speaking of Potato Heads, many of you know we bought this little girl this past springNot bad for a little drop kick, and her name is "Re" yes, as in "I need to consult with you re: the Jones account" Don't ask. Re is a mix breed comprised of Shiatzu (sp?) and toy poodle, thus a shi poo. This is the back end of Re, which I've had extra time to observe this week. Stay with me here. Yesterday, BNB and I caught up with Trihubby for some lunch and Re came along for the ride. This is where I observed that Re, being the potatohead that she is, has a poodle back and a shiatzu front. Kid you not, the dog is in permanant aero
position. This tilt is not a simple case of her nose being on the ground, no, when she is level, she is not level, she is aero.

Can I get a refund?

Who do I consult re: Re?

It's a perfect biking day, so I'm breaking protocol and heading out for a 25 miler than a swim tonight.

Have a great weekend and Wish Swinging Girl a super sweet 16 birthday!


Spandex King said...

It always cracks me up when I'm at the gym and people are watching a comedy sitcom with headsets on. It sound funny when everyone laughs at the same time. I have also seen some people start singing along with there IPod. If ever did this I would hope somebody would come over and smack me. I can not sing and would deserve what ever puinshment I got. Enjoy the last weekend of summer!!!!

Flatman said...

Aero dog...looks kind of like Bold with his new helmet on, I bet!

greyhound said...

That dog cracks me up. But she'd be more aero without all the hair. (ck out Nytro's cat)

OK, so I don't sing on my ipod at the gym, but I have been known to discreetly play a drum break or two on my thigh.

Iron Pol said...

I'll have to save all my parts for the next 17 days. After October 21, I'll let you know if I have any to spare. With any luck, I'll have need of mine for future use.

Louiseville or bust. Mrs. Pol gave the go-ahead to try for registration.

Chris said...

Aero wheels, aero helmets... now aero dogs. Alright, where do I sign up to get mine?

Shelley said...

That dog is too hairy to be aero..shave it down I say...:-D

TriSaraTops said...

I'm not using my right arm much anymore...just been running...wanna borrow it? :)

RE: Soooo cute!

Have a great ride!

Lana said...

THAT was a hilarious post. Too funny...poor dog, permanently in aero position.

Oh, and in your search for spare parts if you get a couple extra knees, I'll pay good money for one. ;)

Happy Birthday Swinging Girl!

Kewl Nitrox said...

Heh heh heh... You may have stumbled on a new breed - Shi Poo! :)