Sunday, October 29, 2006

Question of the Week

But first, congrats to Hyphen Girl and her soccer team for capturing the league championship yesterday. The girls won 2-1 and 4-2 in games yesterday, taking the championship from the highly favored team that beat them a few weeks back. Yea, that was fun. This was Hyphen Girl's first season and it was exciting to watch her grow as a player over the course of the season. The team graduates their goalie this year, so I'm already working on her to take up her mom's old position :-)

Now on the the question of the week. As the readers of my blog will know, I've called into question the "man card" status of a certain Boulderite for whining like a school girl because his diswasher broke down. I know it's tough washing your Vera Wang "Love Knots" by hand, but for goodness sake, nuts up and at least try to find the handle end of the screwdriver.

And thus I descend deeper into my karmic appliance sink hole. Since impugning the Bolderette, my appliances have universally rebelled and gone on the blink. And I mean appliances plural. Sink is dripping, dishwasher leaving crust, fridge/freezer warm, oven cold, disposal backing up. In infinte Trimama wisdom, I fixed the freezer/fridge, but everything else is just plain tempermental. With the pending chore of packing the Tribe off to Florida, I can't afford this quirk to float down toward my laundry room, so I wrote to The Bold and begged him for absolution. I imagined he would respond with his typical booty call, which I feel fairly confident to pull off in my Iron shapened body,

BUT NOooooooooo!

He went for the heart.

He demands the ancient oblation of the gods of old.

Just as Jepthah long ago, in the jubilation of defeating the Ammonites offers to sacrifice to the Lord the first thing that comes from his house, only to be met by his beloved daughter, who he must now sacrifice to keep his word,

I too am being asked to sacrifice my first born to the magnificent, all caring, biker god, Bolder.

To assuage his wounded pride I must change the name of the one and only Hyphen Girl to "Bold"

What would you do?

A) Send HG to Boulder for a week, let him deal with the disorder that is 13, in hopes that by day 2 he'd send her packing name and all.

B) Change the name, for what's in a name? A rose by any other would smell as sweet.

C) Entreat the blogosphere to so press the Bold with indignation and bribes that he might renounce his claim on HG?

D) Please feel free to add

Taper: what doesn't kill you makes you ready to roll. 6 days baby!


Wendy said...

e) begin whispering to the p-dawg posse that change is afoot ... expect a younger, hipper, teen-card carryin', soccer champion p-dawg leader (and three cheers for HG & team!)

wishingirl23 said...

do i have a voice in this
could i stay the same not have a name change
I pick C
goooo Eagles

Habeela said...

Definitely A. I don't think he'd even last a day! :)

Kewl Nitrox said...

I vote A, Bold does not know what he is in for. :)

Congrats to HG the new soccer star!

Iron Pol said...

Congrats on the victory. The Tribe takes another sport to the cleaners.

And go for A. The way Bold freaked out about his dishwasher being down, it would be a blast watching him deal with a teenager for a week.

Of course, he would just spend lots of money and attempt to make the plan backfire. And with a 13 year old...

Iron Pol said...

It's all about the shopping!

walchka said...

I'd say A. Bold wouldn't know what to do and would be sending her back asap.

Bolder said...

i would first of all like to congratulate the artist formely known as hyphen gurl on her big win.

with that said:


or, your appliances will be a plague on you and your family for a thousand years...

SEE YOU SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wendy said...

HG, in this it's safe to say that your vote counts most of all! Have a great time in Florida, and keep TriMama on the straight and narrow!

Mama B said...

good luck in Florida trimama. Kick some good ass mama!!!! Can't wait to read all about it.

greyhound said...

I think HyphenGirl is already pretty darn bold--just like every girl that successfully pulls off being 13. Let her Boldly pick her own name, and we'll inflict her on Bolder from Boulder this summer during our high altitude, IMWI training camp.

mipper said...

not sure if you will see this before race day but i am wishing you my best. prayers and positive vibes for all of the Alliance down there. i really cannot wait to here about the ride. tear it up Trimama.

marz_racer said...

Best of luck in Florida. You have come a long way and you are ready to rock it. Enjoy the day!!!

christine said...

I'm so cheering you on Trimamma, best of luck in FL and BIG congrats to HG on a stellar first season!! With all the drama that goes with being 13, I'm sure this will be one of those good things she'll look back on!