Wednesday, October 18, 2006

I can't drink her pop, we don't share the same soul

Only a 10 year old girl could apply metaphysics to gatorade, and unfortunately I didn't have time to discuss the concept of "soul mates" with Soapinator and her friend at yesterday's soccer game. So, I'm down two gatorades. No matter, it's taper time. I feel at a loss for what to do, being fully convinced now that all of my conditioning is diminishing exponetially and that I will arrive in Florida barely able to run down the sand into the surf. The logic of taper is so irrational. Hyphen Girl is playing soccer this fall and we froze as spectators at last nights game, but it was worth the effort-the girls won 2-1.

It's Soapinator's birthday today, yea for ten years of blessing with this kid. She's just one of those kids who are easy to have around, and her birthday reminds us how fortunate we are.

Buck Naked Boy is a whole other story, unless of course, you want a detailed description of chest proportions. He is at that stage where a keen awareness of body parts dominates his thoughts, and tonight he filled me in on the size and shape of each family members breasts, boys included, while we peeled potatos. Fascinating, I assure you.

We had recess duty yesterday. Mostly same old, same old. With the exception of Queen Gertrude. One of the first grade girls had convinced a large contingent of the kindergarten class that she was "Queen of Everything" She had many loyal subjects, some of whom even paid her money to curry favor and remain as subjects in her kingdom. The kingdom came to an end yesterday when the first grade teachers resolved the drama, and Gertrude isn't allowed to play with kindergarteners for two days. Who says the devil wears Prada?

Then there was "Hammy"

Hammy was heaved over the chain link fence that marks the border of the playground. It took 20 questions to finally understand what Hammy was and why it was so important to retrieve. Turns out the fifth grade class had discovered a dead squirrel, adopted it as their own, buried it and Hammy was the memorial stone.

Yea, gross. In particular, because as I understand it, Hammy was "sacred" because parts of the squirrel were petrified to it.

Ironman North America sent me an email today. The last "out"

"We will be assigning race numbers for IMFL on Friday, October 20th. If you do not intend to race and do not want to be assigned a number please contact us."

No chance.

Of course it would be great to get #1406. Time to start packing the warm weather clothes up for The Tribe, we leave 2 weeks from today.



TriSaraTops said...

Yahoo! I'm getting so excited for you. And jealous, too.

WAY jealous.

Iron Pol said...

If it takes a sharing of the souls to split a Gatorade, I'm afraid to think what B-Boy and my best friend's daughter (we shall call her Zabel) share. They seem to share an equal disregard for what food actually belongs to whom.

B-Boy bonked his head at a party and was demanding consolation from dad. During that time frame, Zabel sat down and at the rest of his cake.

Wooo hoooo for getting a bib number. Enjoy your taper, and don't let the normal "freaking out" get to you.

IM Able said...

Two weeks!?! I think I hear the Jeopardy song in the background...

Sooo excited for you!

Wendy said...

Pol,that Zabel is a girl who knows what she wants!

Trimama, Happy Belated to the Soapinator, yay for Hyphen Girl's team.

Countin' down with you!!!

Flatman said...

woot! almost go time!!!

HBD Soap!

Fe-lady said...

Zoinks indeed!
I don't think "logic" and "taper" are allowed to be used in the same sentence.
Love the first grade anatomy lesson....I am constantly entertained by young children. And they pay me for this!
Excited for you! You are going to do well!

Ellie said...


My readiness, like yours, is evaporating in my taper like a water drop on a pancake griddle.

I'm sure of it.

greyhound said...

wooooooohoooooooooo! I fell like stu I'm so geeked up for you guys.

So BNB is a breast man. I guess we all start kind of early. Testosterone poisoning.

TriBoomer said...

I'm all jazzed about IM Flipper too. Can't wait to meet up with you and the tribe.

Stay tuned...

triteacher said...

Great post - love your sense of humor.

On tapering. It's no one's favorite, but you've done your homework and will be fine. More than fine. You'll be IRON.