Friday, January 13, 2006

A Grand start to the year

The year began with a jump into an icy lake, and now continues with an amazing climb in the Grand Canyon! I am simply in awe of the beauty of Arizona. To be so small in such a vast expanse is somewhat refreshing-no, downright spiritual.

If you've never made the journey, I highly reccomend it. We drove down through Sedona and caught the red rocks at sunset-just so happened that the moon was rising simulataneously-and it was full.

I think I'm moving to Arizona. Being in Flagstaff reminded me of all that I loved about growing up in the Rockies.

Tomorrow we go to the expo/packet pick up-I can't wait to run down palm and orange tree lined streets!


Hollyfish said...

COOL!! Hope your race is AMAZING...looking forward to hearing all about it... have FUN!

Chris said...

Noooooo. My high school ruined the Grand Canyon for me. 18 mile hike, streaming hot day, no shade. Ugh. I remember at one time thinking it was beautiful, but that hike wasn't fun at all.

Got your email. I'll reply soon, so be sure to check your junk mail folder. :)

GOOD LUCK at Changs tomorrow!!!

Robin said...

WOW. That's beautiful country! GOOD LUCK in the race!!! Looking forward to reading your race report!