Saturday, January 14, 2006

My date with The Kahuna

Oh, my gosh, you're Jessie Stensland. blahhhhhh, blah,

I'm an idiot-a babbling idiot. Jessie Stensland has reduced me to a babbling idiot.

"and who are you? What do you do?

I'm Trimama of course.

If only. What I actually babbled forth was something like ....Tri Geek Dreams...blah blah blah...Kahuna

"Oh is that him?" she gushed, pointing to Trihubby. "I met him at the end of a race this summer"

You mean that sexy, shaved head, stud? No, that would be my husband.


She couldn't hide her disappointment.


But you're Jessie Stensland! You're awesome!

Would you like a GNC power bar sample? (scanning for security)

No....Jessie was actually quite gracious and as I recovered myself, I remembered to introduce my sister in law, nephew and the non Kahuna Trihubby. We chatted about tri's for a bit. I blundered slightly in asking if she had raced IMFL, I thought I had seen her name on the athlete list a few years back. Turns out it was the other pro triathlete I met this summer, Beth Hibbarb. Jessie focuses her 4-6 hours of training a day on kicking international distance boot-a.

Did I mention that Arizona is awesome?!

My northern kin will understand this:

We were driving The 202 yesterday afternoon with the top down, listening to the tunes when I glanced at the clock-4:32.

That would make it 5:32 back home.

5:32, dark, cold (15 degrees), and snowing.

I hear the moving vans revving up-maybe Commodore (the nicest guy I've never met-which is completely my dope headed fault because I waited to call him until after the expo as we were driving away-and of course he was there-then-hope to catch up Saturday) can suggest a few real estate options-

What I can dream can't I?


Chris said...

Don't come back! As much as misery loves company, friends don't let friends do stupid things!

Glad that you guys are enjoying yourselves down there.

Comm's said...

holy crap you too could be sisters.

Cliff said...

I am with Commodore. You two look so alike. I didn't know who was who.

William Lobdell said...

i always thought your husband was incredibly handsome.

Fe-lady said...

Glad to hear you are having fun in "my" part of the country!
I acted the same way when I met Amanda Beard last summer...(had my picture taken with her too!) And all I could say to a multi-olympic gold medal winner was.."I swim too!"
What a dork I am! :-)

Bolder said...

i'm jealous! i can't wait to shake the hand of the UCMS Commodore! even more than Jessi Stensland!! seriously!!!

Keryn said...

You look VERY much like Jessie! Seriously. I wasn't sure which one of you was which until I realized you were probably the one in the T-shirt. No matter how cool Jessie is, she probably doesn't have a Through the Wall shirt yet!

And your husband is a stud...just like the Kahuna! :)

BuckeyeRunner said...

How cool to meet Jessi!! I am soooo jealous!! I just read Elizabeth's race report - looking forward to yours.

Tracy said...

WOW what an awesome weekend! And your hubby really does kind of look like Kahuna!!! And how freakin' cool to meet Jessi and Com!

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