Saturday, September 24, 2005

hey look, I'm rambling.....

"So, are you here for the health fair?" he said as he waved his cigarette at me.

Yes, I am

(draaaaaagggggg) cough, "It's around the front of the building" pointing with his other, as yet unlit, but soon to be lit off end of burning one, cigarette.

One of my many job responsibilities is to go to metro area businesses that are hosting health fairs for their employees. I take blood pressure and administer body fat percentage tests. I'm just guessing that my very helpful tour guide will not be attending today. I personally hold no moral judgements against those who smoke. It is a legal, regulated activity and people engage in it knowing the full impact on health and economy. Smokes are $4.00 a pack here now with about $2.50 of that being tax to off set health costs and raise revenue for the state. I do think smoking is foolish for both health and economic reasons. That thought was cemented as I watched my grandfather drown in his own bodily fluid as he died from lung cancer-a lifelong smoker.

So, I spent the morning talking fat with people. Talking health with people. Our display for the Y included a basket of chocolate kisses. Of course no one takes a kiss straight on. There is always the obligatory, "oh I shouldn't" comment. Then there are the hands that come sneaking around from behind the display to snag a candy. Somehow I think the candy sneak would be far more effective if the perpetrator wasn't trying to conceal a 300 pound frame behind a carboard sign. I bite my tongue on so many comments it hurts when I leave. Better my tongue than the feelings of those who wouldn't understand my sense of humor that sees irony and humor in most things.

This health fair was a little slow so I tested myself and added yet another reason to love triathlon. A bodyfat percentage less than 1/2 of twice my age. It took me half of my six mile run to figure out that equation, so if you need help I'll provide a tutorial. hint: 37-1=2F Yes, I was thrilled. This age/body fat criteria makes 40 look like La vida loca.

Finally, totally cool, I have 2 friends to go to packet pick up with-those things aren't any fun alone, and I just heard last night my boss is running the marathon and we run the same pace so we are going to try to hook up. Yea!!!!!!!!

Have a good safe weekend everybody


Wil said...

Hey - your opening about she waved the cig...cracked me up. You always have such great intros - ever think about writing a book???

And how cool that you'll likely get to hook up with a running partner at the marathon! You've really worked hard and that day is going to show it.

Comm's said...

oh do I understand what your saying about health fairs.

good post

brent said...

hey i didn't you were running tcm! maybe i'll see ya there. i don't know how we'd recognize each other in the see of runners but i guess you never know! good luck, its going to be awesome!!