Friday, September 30, 2005

T-48 or so

I had a dream last night that I grew a mustache. This lack of exercise is really getting to me. Ever focused on the marathon, my dilemma with the mustache was that I didn't want that on my finishing photo. So, I worried and fretted about how to get rid of it. I didn't want to shave because that would only make it worse, so I spent the balance of that dream looking obviously transgendered. Oh, to have access to photo shop at times like these, that could be a fun experiment.

Or not.

"Mom, there is a 13 year old boy on the bus and he has his own cell phone and he can date."

Hyphen Girl doesn't like taking the bus, I don't entirely blame her, but that might be an ace she wants to save for a little later in life. Primarily because she still lives safely inside the bubble of "you don't have a cell phone, you're years from dating and you're barely allowed outside the house without supervision". I've got to give her credit for trying though, that was a fairly insightful bluff.

She is focused on her own "marathon" experience right now anyhow. She is going to run part of the bike course which constitutes a non public school fundraiser, whereby the kids raise pledges for covering any or all of a 9 mile bike course. She has been loosely training since her 5K this summer in anticipation of the highlight of the running season, The Turkey Trot. Each year for the past 11 we've gathered as many friends as were available to run this race on Thanksgiving morning. This will be her first year and she is psyched. A couple of friends from school are training to run with her, and hopefully their moms will come along for the ride. She has a plan mapped out down to which gel pack to consume enroute. Since that is all part of the experience I'm not about to tell her she probably doesn't need a nutrition supplement on a four mile run, I think I'll even fill my flask belt for her. Four miles is a long run when 3 is the farthest you've travelled.

Her homeroom is potentially stopping by the site today, hence the entry. I spent the summer listening to Radio Disney and gaining small insights into the tweener world. Check that, it's more like the pre tweener world, they graduate up the secular food chain a little faster each year.

Soapinator is going to a birthday party today at a store I remain highly conflicted about. The store is little girl fantasy on steroids, or should I say on MTV. The idea is that they get their hair and make up done and play dress up. No problem with girls and dress up, I think it's great. This store extends dress up to the next level where you get to see your 8 year old arrayed like Brittany or Christina complete with song and dance. Again, not great role models but still fairly innocent primarily becasue the kids don't get it. It gets creepy when the dress up becomes an extension of the mom's own psychosexual Desparate Housewife fantasy. Women elevating their daughter's sexuality publicly in the hopes that alluring daughter equates to vixen mother is simply too disturbing. Soapinator, you can be a squirrly little girl for many years to come. If the mom hosting the party wasn't a great woman and mom Soap wouldn't be going. As it is, I think they will have a great time, six 8 year old giggling girls. Look out brothers.

Speaking of which, they will be home with dad tonight as I have to work. When the wife is out it's game/cigar/scotch night at single dad's house. So the question, how much do you clean house when the boys are coming over? Check that. Beer's in the fridge, wood is in the fire pit (I don't want to smell one hint of cigar in my living room boys-smoke outside!) I'll clean tomorrow (taper style) for the carbo load dinner here tomorrow night.

Next post race report.

Have a great weekend!


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LagunaBum said...

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mipper said...

good luck on the marathon! you'll do awesome!

Flatman said...

Nice spam...

You are going to so kick this marathon's butt! Will you have a race report done by Sunday night? ;)

Wil said...

KICK BUTT TRI-MAMA!!! You're going to be awesome, I'm SO excited for you!!!

The Spandex-King said...

My daughter is in 7th grade and is the only one without a cell phone. Yea!! Like I'm buying that. Stick to your guns.

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