Wednesday, September 20, 2006

The adventures of Trimama and Taconite Boy

Frankly folks, I'm a little worried. Not so much about Florida any longer, thank you so much for your comments and support, and I had a good chat with my head doc, she's easily one of the best ever, so I think I'm pretty good to go.

No, it's Taconite Boy that has me concerned. You know, when he came home singing along to Kelly Clarkson I thought perhaps his man card had just dropped out of his wallet. But then, after many years of cajoling, Trihubby finally heeded my advice and took his muscle cramped body to a massage therapist. An hour later he called, extolling the virtues of massage therapy, with three more appointments booked.

"I smell good" and by good, he didn't mean Old Spice body spray. He meant lemon lilac, aroma therapy, good.

That's nice honey.

The man card is in serious jeapordy.

The smell of burning masculinity fully erupted last night when Taconite Boy directed me to iTunes to hear some samples of Clay Aiken's new album, which happens to be a cover of some the sappiest love songs ever.

Frankly the whole male wing of the tri alliance has me a little unnerved. What with reports of skinny jeans, plundering a wife's personal products for ice packs and of course, fretting over, company coming we seem to be experiencing a serious drop in testosterone in the blogosphere.

Gentlemen, there was a time when we ladies could expect this
from the male tri community.

For the love of all things good, can someone please go sit in the garage and smoke a big ole stogie, listening to Motley Crew?

I mean if you want to harden that taconite body into a Wisconsin Iron Beast, we'll need a little something to work with.

PSA over

Trimama out!


greyhound said...

Hey there, little lady. Don't you worry your pretty little head none. There's plenty of us real tri--dudes out there. In fact, I was just about to go swim, spit and scratch all at the same time. The gators are pretty active hereabouts, so I'll be packin' heat, too.

Bolder said...

not with you on the Kelly Clarkson.

so with you on the Clay Aitkin!

that's just so wrong.

not with you on the lemon lilac

so with you on the PSA!

TriSaraTops said...

Hmmmm...on a related note, is it lame that I totally love that new Justin Timberlake song?

There. I said it. I want to buy an ex-N'Sync member's CD.

the Dread Pirate Rackham said...

oh the state of Manhood today. What have we wrought?

Trihubby said...

ok....My theory is that this is trimama's version of the doghouse for me. Still trying to figure out what I did wrong, not that I could because she is a WOMAN!

Iron Pol said...

Trihubby's protest notwithstanding, we may need to convene a Secret Man Tribunal. The music thing was a concern. Lemon lilac? What the heck is that? And there was some t.v. item about Clay Aiken, and I had to ask who he was and why anyone cared about him.

Trisaratops, you're on solid ground, as you're a woman. Mrs. Pol reassures me that N'Sync is okay for any of the female persuasion to purchase. And as a teacher, it's really just educational.

Flatman said...

lemon lilac? what the heck!

Flatman said...

and clay aiken??? oh good lord.

greyhound said...

I see a whole series of potential "Man Law" posts related to the world of Triathlon.

Hubby, what the heck did you do to deserve this? Hell hath no fury like a woman with a blog? Thankfully Mrs. Greyhound is blogless . . . for now.

Comm's said...

I cry FOUL SIR. I am throwing the flag at Trihubby and mentally deducting points from his man card.

Not for the massage, massage is great. But a man never comments on his own scent, NEVER. I doesn't matter if its old spice or motor oil or sweat.

In order to regain your points on your man card you must assert your masculinity to those other men around you.

First you must drink a beer before noon.

Then you must use one or all of the following terms at least 6 times in one day:

-sack up

-cowboy up

-take your balls out of your wifes purse

-Wife, get me a beer. (the use of please is forbidden but thank you is necessary)

-begone children.

Any further instances behavior questioning your manhood and you will be required to write a biography on John Wayne and Steve McQueen.

Cliff said...

The only scent a man should have is sweat :)..

Then again I never tried the lemon i could be wrong.

Spandex King said...

If he starts singing "Man I feel Like a woman" by Shania Twain he needs profesional help!! What the hell happened to summer. Brrrrrrrrrrrr

Chris said...

If a little lemon and aroma therapy is what it takes to get trihubby cured up and back on his feet, I'm all for it. In fact, sign me up for some too!

marz_racer said...

Ok, I can see the aroma therapy and the massage. All of that is very relaxing and good for the body. But, Taconite Boy needs to work on his musical taste. Trimama, have Taconite Boy visit my blog for a clip of some good music. Maybe we can work together to steer him in a better musical direction!

Happy Trails!

Tri-Geek Kahuna said...

Clay Freakin' Aitkin? Okay, Trihubby. It's time for an intervention. First, turn on "Cops." Next, open a Bud (NOT a Bud lite). Then, get some buddies to go with you see "Jackass II." When you get home, do NOT turn on "American Idol: Highlights from the First Four Seasons." Instead, flip on "Ultimate Fighting." Burp often. Despite your unnatural urges, DON'T clean up the living room or iron. You can get through this, but you've got to be disciplined.

One question for Trihubby: Did he enter the men's or women's division at Ironman Wisconsin?