Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Some brief notes

Yesterday The Plan called for an 1:20 bike ride "just for fun" Mountain bike, catch ups whatever you want to do. How could you not, on a bluebird day, with crimson dappling the sunshine, strike out on your mountain bike? We have a park close by with numerous double and single track trails. Man, is it good to be alive! So, that was training yesterday.

Tomorrow is a 5.5 hour bike ride, rolling hills, heart rate 1 or 2. Tomorrow calls for a high of 55 with lows (meaning when I head out the door) of 42. and rain. The plan actually calls for the long ride on Friday, but I am running the Twin Cities Marathon, or at least 18 miles of it on Sunday. Trihubby registered and had to drop, so I'm taking his place to run part of the race as a race day simulation. So, it's biking tomorrow. Time to break out the tights, hoodies and toe warmers.

Kahuna if you ask what toe warmers are, I swear I'm catching a red eye and I will personally introduce them to you.

Today was swimming day. Originally I was going to the Y to crank out the yardage, but I haven't been in a wet suit for a month. So, after work, I headed over to the beach with Trihubby, who graciously sat on the beach smoking a Romeo and Julietta while I thrashed out my yardage.

I should have known it was going to be tough when I saw the local PADI class in dry suits. And there I stood in my sleeveless. Can anyone say silicon ear plugs? Obviously, I can't, because I never thought to ask for them at the sporting goods store. They've pulled the swim beach buoys, the birds have headed south (thankfully) so it was just me and the shoreline. A guy sat on shore playing a guitar and singing. If it was an improv concert there might have been a song about the triathlete who turned into an ice cube.

"Oh, it might be 60" responded the very warm, dry suited diver I asked for the lake temp. Uggghhh. But that shouldn't bother you, you're an Ironman.

Whaaa? Oh, he means my Ironman wetsuit. Can't say I didn't like the sound of that though, and we are getting so close, it seemed silly to belabour him with the details of branding, my training etc.

On the bright side, chiggars can't live in that cold of water. At least I hope.

Commodore probably thinks I'm a wimp because he was saying something about Tempe Town Lake being a bit frosty, but I didn't wimp out. I just noted that my arms were burning and red when I finally emerged and my eardrums were frozen. Other than that, no problem.

And now, drumroll !.!.!.!.!

Trihubby is officially in the off season, so he didn't take the plunge in the lake with me. However, he did the IMmoo '07 belly flop this morning and validated his yellow registration slip with a credit card number.

He's in!

I'm so proud!

To commemorate the day he is launching his own blog. Yea! No more looking over my shoulder and saying, you should write this, or write that etc. He's a smart guy, so go check him out and leave him some bloggie love. By day he might be Trihubby, but by evening (and a few early mornings) he will be

Taconite Boy!!!!


William Lobdell said...

toe warmers? aren't those the things you use on what you call a "trainer"?

also, what are "chiggers"?

Born To Endure said...

what is a "smoking a romeo and jullietta"???

:) said...

It's about damn time!

jbmmommy said...

Soon Ironman will be more than just the brand on your wetsuit. Good for you for braving the cold water. Happy training, and I'll have to check out trihubby's site as well.

christine said...

uh, what are chiggers?

greyhound said...

brrrrr. My fingers and little piggies hurt just thinking about it. Oy veh, and the shrinkage!!

So, what do you call a man who won't plunge in the lake with his wifey, but only plunges into the blogosphere?

Fe-lady said...

60 degrees and sleeveless is nothing but brave!(you are the stud-muffin!) There were some sleveless wetsuits and some no wetsuits for "Sharkfest"-and the temp was right around 60. I was glad I had on my fullsuit!
And "frosty" in Arizona terms means the lake was right around 70...72!

Chris said...

At least the swim must have been warmer than last winter when they had to carve out some ice for you crazy people. :) Best of luck on your long ride today! And see you on Sunday, hopefully!

Unknown said...

oooohhh...that's cold!! Goodluck with your long ride and at the Twin Cities Marthon!