Thursday, September 07, 2006

Swimming/Training question?

I was glancing at my training plan for the remaining weeks leading to IMFL and I'm seeing a lot of swim yards. A lot being 3-4 swims per week at 3000-4500 a crack. That seems like a lot of swim yardage to me, especially since the biking distance is a sparse 5-9 hours per week. There are 2 five hour rides and 1 six hour ride, with no run off, and then a smattering of 1 to 2 hour bikes. There are 4 long runs, and 2 or 3 hour runs per week. My inclination is that I need more bike rides, and bike/run workouts in the 2-3 hour bike, hour run range. The swim is no problem-I'm ready with the yardage, and it's the smallest part of the day. The bike course, advertised as "flat" still has a couple climbs and rolls, and obviously that constitutes the bulk of the day.

What do you Ironman veterans think?


Iron Pol said...

Not an Ironman, just now contemplating that distance.

However, the training programs I was reviewing as a base for a half-IM race seemed to have one common thread, lots of bike with run offs (though the run-off wasn't generally so long as an hour).

As a non-IM type, I would echo your concern. Is there a coach to call?

Fe-lady said...

I don't know if I qualify as a "veteran" having completed only one...but I have seen the same thing when looking at different training plans. I agree that it's not an area where you are going to lose/make-up time, and it IS the shortest event of the three. I say go with your gut and get in the bike/run mileage if you are feeling a little "short" in those areas. The longest and toughest part of the day is the bike....and it's where one can gain and lose minutes or even hours.
Women's intuition is to be followed!

Bolder said...

where are the veterans?

doesn't seem right to me.

my plan is on-line, it is the exact opposite.

i'm swimming only twice a week, and the theme seems to be bike/run and run/bike/run.

i'd never done 1.2 miles before Ironman 70.3 Florida, and i did that in fresh water without a wetsuit... how bad can 2.4 miles in the ocean's buoyant salt water WITH a wetsuit be?

i'll bet we are both out of the water in 1:30 MAX.

it's all about the bike.

the difference between running 10 min/miles and walking 17 min/miles is 7x26.2... about 3 hours.

keep swimming, and you'll get out of the water 1:15 MAX. saves you 15 minutes, gains you 3 hours.

i'm just sayin'...

mipper said...

ok, i have NO idea but just by the sound of it, your intuition seems right to me. they always say that an ironman is not won or lost (or even finished or not) dependent soley upon the swim. but like i said, i have no real clue, so don't listen to me. go with your gut, as long as you taper properly in the end, i think you'll be fine.

Comm's said...

The one thing that I have heard the most from my team mates who did IMAZ this year is more running. Period. The bike/run brick would be a logical chose for workout.

They all felt that their individual plans under trained them for the run off a long bike.

tarheeltri said...

So, are you still follwing the Beginner Triathlete plan? I am wondering if the lack of running has anything to do with my achilles problem on my half this weekend. I'd be interested in hearing any other advice you got. Probably too late to change up now, though, huh?

Great job on the volunteer work by the way! I enjoyed reading your posts on it.