Friday, September 01, 2006

There's no doubt about it, Ironman is special

It's why finishers tatoo their bodies with an Mdot, when previously they might never have been inked. The experience imprints itself upon your life indelibly. If I were to quit today, (no chance-ever!) I would be content in how this experience has changed my life. It has been a tool of perspective and of focus. It has wrought discipline and tenacity, and yes, the ability to dream again. Now the fine folks at Race athlete have put together an IMmoo '07 team including Iron Wil, Kahuna, Bolder, Simply Stu, Roman and Brett the Zenmaster (is it me or are we missing some estrogen here? I mean Iron Wil is going to need someone to chat with in the locker room). They have sponsers and coaches and schwag- a serious mountain of schwag. But as an old Proverb says, when you sit to dine with a ruler, note well what is before you, and put a knife to your throat if you are given to greed, for that food is deceptive. In other words, Ironman is hard. The training hours are long and at times painful. You sacrifice much. And I guarantee you will curse that schwag before it's over if that is all it is about. (of course for me it's pretty much the High Altitude training camp at Bolder's for a week-but I digress)
You don't want to play with this fire if all you can muster is a "maybe" on a t shirt. This team isn't looking for welfare mentality athletes. They don't want "I play when I want to" moss mucking up their cogs. This team is about representing. It's about living under a microscope for a year. It is virtual reality t.v., Ironman style. It's about being willing to fight to be more, and being willing to train hard. It's about giving to the team everything you've got. and more.

Dang if it's not all worth it in the end.

It's well worth the ride, I'd just say make sure you've counted the price of admission before jumping into the ring.

Ok, lecture over-and I'm not even part of the selection committee.

A long overdue training note:

Biked 65 hilly miles Sunday at 17.9 avs (oh 18 why do you torment me so?!)
Swam 4000 yards weds (first time ever at this distance-just had to know I could) 1 hour 17 mins
and some other less consequential running and biking.

3 hour ride today, 2 hour run Sat, Sunday rest-of course

Happy training all


Iron Pol said...

I'm not part of the selection committee, either. Lots of people echoing the same sentiments, this morning. The painful thing for me is it isn't about desire (that's there), it isn't about drive (that's there, too), and it isn't about ability (that's at least coming along).

It's all about the cost to enter. And I don't mean the long term demands on the body and soul. I'm talking about the short term demands on the bank account. Mrs. Pol and I are working through the numbers, now. An old savings account here, a few checks there.

I haven't scraped to find money like this since I got stuck on a West Virginia tollway without enough cash to get out the other side.

BTW, do you have solid plans for Saturday (9th) or are they sort of fluid?

The Clyde said...

I agree with everything you said....that's why even though as tempting as it is to push my IM up a year to try and become part of the team, I feel I would not be ready to do it in 2007 and a chance at all the schwag.

However I will be up to support them, either as an a official volunteer or spectator, as I do my recon for my 2008 IMMoo.

Fe-lady said...

I am with Iron Pol about the $$$ involved as the schwag is not guaranteed to more than eight "lucky" (?) people.
I have the drive, desire and ability-but will probably choose to get where I am going (another IM by 2008) without all the hype.

My '07 season is already planned, and while I would love to be a part of this "team",I don't think I would enjoy being a lab experiment for all to see. Just my opinion....It's not what triathlon used to be about, and I am not sure I am liking all the glitzy sponsorship stuff.

Anonymous said...

I am with Iron Pol about the $$$ involved as the schwag is not guaranteed to more than ei

greyhound said...

I am reaching a critical tipping point on this one. Trying to escape ironman is like trying to get out of la cosa nostra.

Flatman said...

nice viewpoint...

(maybe we should be on the selection committee...hmmm)

Chris said...

Heh. I think everyone gets that "buyers remorse" at some point. That feeling of "what did I get myself into" and "can I just get my money back?" But as tough as the journey is, it's TOTALLY WORTH IT!

What's this about trihubby for Moo in '07? What happened to Zurich Zurich Zurich? Not that I'm complaining. I'm 99% sure I'm signing up for Moo again in '07. I have to tell myself before the race so I don't end up paying big bucks to sign up late again!

christine said...

i've often thought a tri realty show would be interesting....

qcmier said...

Can't wait to see who the chosen ones will be. I'd be too boring for reality TV.

Less than a week until my 1st IM, and I am saying no IM in 07. We'll see what happens next Monday.