Thursday, September 28, 2006

The ride to no where

Yea, this could be trouble.

In my defense, when he came home last night, dinner was hot, his beer was cold and I rolled out his back with the massage stick.

Riding yesterday was fabulous, until the two "county" roads I planned to take turned out to be more freeway, with no shoulder, than "county". I have one last 100 or so miler to tackle, I think I'll do a little more re con this time. As it is, when I called Trihubby for some map help, he happened to mention the downpour that was flogging the streets where he was at. I don't mind drizzle, sprinkle, rain shower, but downpour meant getting soaked, and I still had 2.5 hours to ride. That's just misery in the making. So, my ride had a slight diversion. After the drop off, I rode for another 22 miles outside, than brought it home and finished on the trainer. So, that gives me 5.5 hours of actual time moving, which took 6 hours, over the course of 7.5 hours. I guess that's one way to learn patience.

3300 yd swim with 40 min run today

Happy trails


Spandex King said...

I went for a 1 hour run after work and the weather was great. Went in for a short shower and came out and it was raining hard. I was lucky.
How do you ride that trainer so long. I make it an hour and i'm going crazy. I actually have thought,how in the hell does Tri-Mamma do this for 3hours when I was on the trainer. Maybe I have A.D.D or something.

jbmmommy said...

Now that's dedication.

Fe-lady said...

That takes patience AND eudurance to come home and set up the trainer and get back on the bike! Good for you! You are SO ready for this up-coming race! Go get 'em!

Iron Pol said...

You might read your hubby's version of this. It's a tad different.

Sascha said...

Also, talk to me and Chris about bike routes if you're riding someplace new. He lives in the West suburbs (I think) and I live in S. Mpls. I have a great 75 miler that can easily be extended to 100+ going west to Watertown, and I'm pretty sure it's a century from here to Northfield and back. I have ridden to Rosemount and beyond a few times and I can tell you which roads suck less in Eagan, etc although you will eventually end up having to ride on Hwy 3.