Friday, September 29, 2006

Trimama tres sheik

Ok Paris, New York, I'm waiting! Apparently everyone wants in onTrimama fashion.

Hat tip to Wendy who has no link because she has no blog, but really should because she is insightful and funny and a dynamic swimmer chick who's brother is doing IMmoo '07.

My training week is going well, which brings me to another point. Ahem, "who knows what's next"
, IMFL is 36 days away. Which means registration for IMFL '07 is in 37 days.

The monumental question is, who is going to step up and fill Trimama's shoes for '07. Someone's gotta represent the cool chicks next year in Florida.

Will it be you?

When I signed up for this journey last year I had never raced farther than a long sprint, in a rookie season, had only recently ran my first marathon, was training on a mountain bike, was still pretty self congratulatory when I swam a whole mile and really didn't have much of a clue about anything.

So, who is next?


Sascha said...

I need another year before I consider it. My longest event ever has been a 2:10 half marathon. I need some more conditioning and some longer events. And by then you guys will probably be on to something entirely different like ultra marathons or RAAM and I'll be sitting here, all by myself...

TriSaraTops said...

That is one HAWT outfit! I have one like that, too--from miles 13.1-26.1 of the IM MOO 'thon. :)

BTW--I posted some pics of all of us at the finish line, did ya see 'em? If not I can email!

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh so tempting to sign up for IMFL. The plan right now is to do IMFL 08. I may try another kind of 9 month training plan in the meantime....:)

Lana said...

AAAHHHHHHHHHH!!! (as I crawl underneath my computer desk to hide)

Talk about putting a cool chick on the spot...

What an honor it would be to fill TriMama's shoes at IMFL '07...but I was thinking more like...'08...ya know...maybe do a Half IM first.

I like Tri's, and I'm certainly a Mama...but I'm not in the same league as you, Trimama.

So...(as I peep out from underneath my computer desk)...Will the next cool chick p-p-p-please step up?

Bolder said...

i LOVE that first picture.

and, you know, i don't say love easily or often.

it's what triathlon and blogland is ALL about.

i couldn't think of a possible way the two of you would look more fashionable... and i'm an acknowledged ubersexual!

Fe-lady said...

Pas moi...(not me) but best of luck to all of those who try to sign up and do get in!
Love the outfit by the way...oui, oui, tres chic!

Iron Pol said...

Hopefully, we'll have other options when we're doing Iron Sherpa duties, next year. Like shorts and short sleeve shirts.

But we'll be there, whatever the circumstances.

TriFeist said...

IMFL 2007 here I come. My journey has already started. Look for pics on my blog tonight. :)