Saturday, July 09, 2005

Boston Marathon

Boston Marathon, originally uploaded by TRIMAMA.

So, is this worth training for?

With my morning pace I'd cross in 3:36-giving me 9 minutes to water/gel/stretch.....and qualify in myy age group


Comm's said...

are you kidding me? is it worth it!? If any person has achieved the ability to make it into Boston then they have a moral obligation to do so.

It is the greatest marathon in the history of endurance racing. you would be on the same course at the same time with the greatest runners of your generation.

Chris said...

Four words that you'll be able to brag about for the rest of your life - "I qualified for Boston." If I could run fast enough to qualify, I'd do it!

Mark I. said...

It is no less than the mecca of running.

That was my polite answer. ;)