Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Training,gerbils, and one big slide

That guy is so funny, I can't wait to meet him in Florida.

That's the problem with having a tridaddy. He has his sights set on Florida for me, and there is just no getting around it. This can be the greatest motivator and well, let's just say on the days when I'd gladly roll over and go back to sleep I don't always appreciate the foot in my hiney getting me out of bed.

Today I am just tired-dog tired. I think it is the combination of over training last week, in such extreme heat, a long hard run Saturday and very long days of work. I know wah wah- the whole country is living in the devil's armpit, but I'm tired boss, real tired.

I rode 12 miles this am, skipped my swim and came home and slept for 2 hours. Now, I can go take on that swim. Bonus for the kids!

Yesterday I took the tribe to a great park by our house, commonly referred to as "Chutes and Ladders".

Of course you have to ladder and chute if you go, so why don't you come along and feel my pain (ok, actually it is really fun)

So, first there is this-

Then This

Then you make an effort to disengage the pretzel position and ta da

Now it's my turn

Then it hits me. Oh, right, this is the slide that BNB and I decided to ride together last year. Hey let's see how fast we can go. As the g forces distorted our faces, my brain calculated our current velocity, rate of acceleration, degree incline and the space allocated to landing and then it occured to me- we aren't going to stop at the bottom are we?

So, emergency measures were intiated, did you ever notice that dragging your hands on the side of a slide does nothing to slow you down when you are doing mach 1?

I knew it was over when we saw day light. Bump, bump, scrape slide stoooopppp! Funny how quickly speed terminates when enough friction is generated between a bare butt and playground cinders.

Let's do it again!

Mom, you're a gerbil. You're adorable too BNB.


Flatman said...

You were sliding with a bare butt? OUCH. I love that you do all this stuff with your kids. Most parents just park their fat-asses on a bench and tell their kids to go away for a while...

tri-mama said...

My butt was fully clothed at the top of the slide but my shorts managed to roll up around my ear lobes as we descended

Flatman said...

Ha, very funny visual! Okay, you want trainer info? You are going to have to e-mail me so I have your e-mail address...

When you reply to my blog, it won't let me reply.

Chris said...

You'd be such an awesome mom to have! Can you adopt me? :)

Hope you're able to take some extra rest this week and are enjoying the cooler temperatures. And thanks for the tips on the upcoming races. That one in Richfield sounds interesting. I'll have to see if it's still open.