Thursday, July 28, 2005

Cue the horror movie music

Bolder has me scared now. I feel as though I have stepped into an Alfred Hitchcock movie like "The Birds" only this one would be called "The P-Dawgs" with the leader looking a little like Randy-pre Adkins. To compound my fear, I suggested Kahuna glue the squirrels tail to the seat of his bike, just to tweek his M-i-L.

John Cusack had no fears compared to this

Sasha suggested she was going to hide under her covers and hope the gophers protect her. Being as they can't defend their own end zone, I think I'd buy a shot gun-or at least a supersoaker.

Now before I alienate half the animal loving blogosphere I better show you this

This sweetheart's name is Leila, a hungarian puli and great family dog-who wouldn't be alive today if she relied on anyone in the family but me to feed her, water her, walk her and clean up after her :) Although, she loves to harrass the squirrels, so I guess that only gives me a few redemption points.

So there's this

Butterfly rescue- I'm not real hopeful, but at least we gave it a good effort.

Finally, some perspective. We have a very large population of these Which has drawn at least one mountain lion into a 7 mile radius from where I live. The 30 or so calls to the MN DNR have received a response as follows: "Don't worry about the mountain lion, there is such a large deer population that the lion shouldn't bother anything. Just keep your kids out of his territory at dusk and away from his den" Tell that to the neighbors dog who is missing a leg.

It's a delicate dance, this stewardship of our world.


The Spandex-King said...

Is that one of those Rasta-Regea dogs? Oh yea and to bad about dem gophers. Go Bucky!!!

P.S Sorry I stole your Napoleon picture. And yes I have taken my bike of some sweet jumps. (as Napoleon would say)

tarheeltri said...

We have the same situation with dogs! Though our two are my wife's from before we met, I am the primary caretaker, but I am breaking our 2-yr-old in early! She has taken our 8-pound Yorkie on a few walks and helps me feed them both in the AM. She is also the poop spotter in the yard!

Bolder said...

oh 'P-dawgs', that's good, i wish i would have thought of that one first!

that's a dog! the Prairie possie would steer clear of that one... you've got real courage...

oh, and saving the best for last... you know i grew up in Wolverine country, and we own both the Gophers and the Little Brown Jug... so yah Sasha and the rest of you Minnis -- be very scared!!!

Sascha said...

Oh my god! The *hair* on that dog. Those are some serious dreads, man!

Chris said...

"Don't worry about the mountain lion... Just keep your kids out of its territory..."

Yeeeaaahh. Something doesn't jive there. :)

tri-mama said...

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