Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Taming the Wave in "06

Kahuna has me thinking as I refine my goals and priorities (a little pregnancy scare will do that to you). Prior to this year I was a person serious about health and fitness, so I ate well, worked out regularly, and took pretty good care of myself and family.

At about the same time that I made the decision to train for a tri, a link for Tri Geek Dreams popped up at the top of talk show host, Hugh Hewitt's web site. There I encounter the gregarious Kahuna and his training partners in pursuit of Wildflower. Kahuna, a self admitted weekend warrior reaching for the brass ring of triathlon-a course so challenging it is the venue for the college 1/2 iron championship. Not only does the trio grasp the ring, they rip the bolts clean out of the wall, not because they won the race, but because they raced with such courage, determination and sportsmanship they set an example that compelled many other athletes to rise to the challenge of their own races. (MN Tridaddy for one) I check in with the Kahuna, the Commodore, Iron Will, Trimama 2, Flatman, Chivalry Man, vertical Man, the other Tridaddy, Fitchick and others daily, and because they are there, I don't quit. In fact I train harder, because it is fun to tell you all about it and hear your stories of challenge, victory and defeat.

A couple of posts ago Kahuna told the story of taking on an enormous wave in Hawaii, and despite his reservations regarding safety and sanity, he tamed that monster of a wave on a crazy little surfboard. He's a weekend surfer who takes on a pro's wave, and comes out on top.

Getting your geek on versus Taming the Wave

I have guy in a red speedo and running shoes, holding a bike wheel strongly exhorting me from the tailgate of my minivan to "Get your geek on". and I do, or at least I try to, every day. Four of those days that involves a premeditated workout that will make me a stronger athlete and a growing challenge to the gals in my age group (without me snapping at their heels, they wouldn't hit the podium, so, I'm training my bite) The other days I get my geek on by all the little choices that I make to eat well, sleep enough, moderate my vices. I do all this because there is always a little challenge to conquer. Swim farther, swim faster, bike hills, aero longer, fear less, peddle harder, run faster, run farther, and above all train. I arrive at races, set my transition spot and then it hits me, I love being alive. I love being a triathlete. I love the atmosphere and challenge of the races. And I share that with every person I encounter. I smile and laugh and chat with total strangers. I meet new friends and say hi to recent acquaintances. I cross the finish line and so far (4 races, 3 tri, 1 road) I've been pleased with the results.

Did you know "triathlon" isn't even in the spell check lexicon.

It's a comprehensive lexicon.

I have some raw athletic talent, relics from high school and college days, that seem to be rehoning with this training. Reality check though, I have neither the financial ability (elite bikes, weekly races, paid trainers) nor the time (weekends consumed, daily training) to coax that talent to the podium. I'll get close, I'll stay in the upper edge of the pack, but barring a Tour like bike pile up, I'll probably never see the stage floor boards. A little frustrating for a person who led a lot of the sports teams she was on.

Now Kahuna has that brass ring, probably thrown in the trunk of his car some where, and he threw down the gauntlet to come surfing with him. Not the little weekend waves of Southern California, but the big 10 foot Hawaiian monsters, or more aptly put, the Florida giant surf of Iron Man.

A weekend warrior taming the big waves?

Works for me.

Principally becasue all those weekend surf sessions (which I love) keeps me motivated and prepares me to swim out into the surf, pick the biggest mother wave and ride it to the finish or die trying.

That my friends is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Iron man isn't in the lexicon either.


Comm's said...

well said and well played. we do what we can to be the best we can. its what we do when no one is looking that defines us.

well in deed.

Flatman said...

Damn! You've got me so fired up, I am going to try to leave work early today to get in a longer workout!!!!!

JUST DAMN!!! /shouts the Flatman/

Brett said...

Great post! I've been reading some inspiring stuff today ... Guess I'd better get my act together as well.


Oldman said...

awesome post....

Tri-Geek Kahuna said...

God bless you.

Keryn said...

As always, you inspire me to do more. Comm summed it up: "Its what we do when no one is looking that defines us." I love your attitude and your outlook. Thank you for sharing it.

jessie_tri_mn said...

inspirational post trimama! Alive and well by the sound of it :)

Spence said...

I'm not sure what to say that hasn't already been said here but I'm moved to say something!!...you're a complete inspiration as are all of the other voices in this alliance. I hope I can add to it as much as I've gotten out of it in the short time since I've tuned in... it's all total brain fuel and has me motivated to do more than I ever thought I could. Keep it up and thanks...

Chris said...

Very well said. Thanks for my motivational boost for the day!

Wil said...

Totally late in posting on this one, but better late than never, this is just AWESOME! You really have a way with words, and I'm constantly amazed at the feelings you pull out.

Flatman said it best, just damn!!!