Thursday, July 07, 2005

The Fabulous 4th!!

With guys like these, it's easy to think of adding another to the mix. We had a great time with family and friends on the 4th. Of course no great event goes without it's preparation, so here we prepare for our little 4th venue

Body Marking

tatooing, originally uploaded by TRIMAMA.

Obligatory bicep flex pose

HG:BNB, originally uploaded by TRIMAMA.

Standing Long Jump with his stylish mental preparations

hair spray, originally uploaded by TRIMAMA.

Soapinator getting on her "race face"

race face, originally uploaded by TRIMAMA.


Comm's said...

A specialized bike? and a 'you better not pass me sneer'? yikes!

Tracy said...

Hey! Your kids are TOO cute! Your daughter has that Uma Thurman, "I just dare you to try it" face going on...awesome!

Chris said...

I love the pictures! Your kids are adorable! :)