Sunday, July 03, 2005

Minneman Sprint

Swim 9:30 (600 yards)
T1 2:01 (surprisingly slow, but I was out of breath from the swim)
Bike 44:26 (13 miles on Frankenbike- name change to follow)
T2 1:51 (Tridaddy caught me on the bike in spite of my 3 min wave head start. He takes forever to tie his shoes, but we wanted to run together. By my watch this was 52 secs.
run 24:07 3 miles (slowest to date. note to self, yes that gel is really important at mile 8 on bike-brain bonked)

TOTAL 1:21:53!!!!!!

If you notice the arm

Swim 12
out of T 14 (2 min)
bike 54 (40 min-I thought it was a 12 miler-it was 13)
out to run 56 (2 min)
finish 120 (which would be a PB by 5+ mins)

I'll take the 1:53 for the extra mile on the bike.

Race report to follow soon-Although one great thing of day I got to meet Chivalry man and his fiance. How cool is that to run into a fellow blogger on the road to the transition zone.


Nancy Toby said...

Wow!!!!!!!! Well done indeed!!! Congratulations!!!

Comm's said...

great job

love the times

Its so nice to run with your spouse and then meet fellow friends unexpectedly.

Chris said...

Great job yesterday! How cool is it that you got to run with your hubby?

It was great meeting you! I can't wait to read your race report!

Tracy said...

Nice times there! You smoked it on the run even though you'd have preferred faster. I totally hear you on the gel for mile 8 of the bike! Same thing happened to me.

Very cool that you go to race with your husband and Chris! Makes the races so much more fun when we can be there with family and friends!

Anonymous said...

greetings tri-mama. You had a great race! Congrats!

It's so fun to read the accounts of fellow bloggers on the same race. Every experience is so different.

I look forward to the full report!