Friday, July 01, 2005

There is sorrow in the evening but Joy comes with the morning

Oh what a difference a good nights sleep can make. A little perspective seems to always come with the rising of the sun. Race day is tomorrow, it ought to be fun. Water temp is holding in my favor. Can lake temp rise 4 degrees in 24 hours. It would be an act of God, but then I would just know I'm fated to race without a wet suit. Heaven help us all.

"I never want to be a baby again!"

Good news Buck Naked Boy once you grow up you never have to be a baby again. (He's eating breakfast while I write)

Good because you have to be a baby for a long long long long time.

That's not so bad. People hold you and want to play with you.

But you can't play with trains. Babies wrep trains. And fire works, they wrep those too.

Yes, babies can't really play with trains.

A long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long time ago, like 3 months ago, Issac was at our house and he wrepped the train and we couldn't put it together. But that's ok, I like Issac.

Oh the troubles of a 4 1/2 year old.

Just checked the thermometer-59 degrees. Monday it was 94 with 90 some percent humidity. I guess you could say a cold front moved through-good news to my fellow bloggers to the east.

Time to start the day. The word for the day, (unlike what the tv just said "river") is cleaning. We wanted to have some folks over for a 4th picnic. We started passing out email and flyers to friends and neighbors thinking 20 or 30 people would stop by. We are at 100 and counting. The party has expanded to the small park by our house and now includes renting a canopy tent, table, chairs, and 1000 hot dogs from Costco. I love parties though, so it ought to be fun. Our city sets off their fireworks 1/2 a block from our house, so it will be a great celebration.

I'll post pics soon.

Have a great Independance Day!


Comm's said...

Boy that sounds like some party. i am quite jealous. Though we do have a new puppy at the house now so the lack of 4th festivitys will be replaced by the laugh of a happy two year old and the yelps of a playful puppy. A holiday any day.

Keryn said...

You both sound like you've got great weekends planned. We're having a few friends over (2-5 not 100+) with the planned entertainment being my three year old. ;)