Thursday, July 07, 2005

Tridaddy-Man of Steele

Tridaddy-man of steele, originally uploaded by TRIMAMA.

While still no definitive answer, my sanity returned today. I ran at the Y yesterday with Hyphen Girl. We began on the treadmills as CNN unfolded the stories of one mom who anxiously awaits the results of military jets searching for her daughter's body and another family devastated by 1 kid missing, 1 molested, others dead. It feels very foolish to lament life in the face of that.

Huge thanks to all of you for your encouragement, it's good to be reminded to take life in stride. I shouldn't focus so on controlling the things that can't be.

That being said,

I should have dumped this on him a little earlier in the month. :)

water dosing, originally uploaded by TRIMAMA.


:) said...

Tri-daddy is a stud. Good Lord, that is some green grass...

Congrats on the calming down. Let us know when you know something.

Nancy Toby said...

I love your photos! What a great family! That said... WHY NO ANSWER YET? What does Ms. EPT say!?!?!??

Comm's said...

Ah the crab pose, officially known as the double front bicep.

Ask him if he has his concealed weapons permit on him, because of the guns he got under his shirt.

Tracy said...


Um, the grass...I'm talking about the grass, just like Flatman said ;)

Keryn said...

Wow is right...and not the grass! ;)

Looks like you had an awesome celebration!

And I'm with nancytoby...results? I'm on the edge of my seat here!