Wednesday, March 08, 2006

From Hell to Heaven:the ascent of a 5 year old

But first, I have to say I love my husband for many reasons-but here is today's greatest highlight. We have been planning and discussing who and how for Florida in November. From the start of these discussions he has maintained that he only wants the girls to go because it is beyond difficult to navigate the 140.6 with 4 kids in tow. (can't say that I blame him) That means leaving half The Tribe at home-which is essentially leaving half of my heart at home. In my mind they are all going through the training, through the "mom's not home she is training" through the stress, through the planning, so in my mind they should all go with me through the finish line. I can't invision a happy finish line with the boys missing. However, our budget can't imagine 7 plane tickets (a sitter would be essential) 3 hotel rooms, meals, bike transport, etc. There was just really little chance of making it happen.

"We could drive to Florida. Molly's family drives when they go on vacation" announces Hyphengirl.

That would be tough race prep for Trimama.

We have one free plane ticket right now. We could drive for the cost of perhaps two more tickets. I could fly down Tuesday and Trihubby and The Tribe could drive down, arriving Thursday. Nephew, who is super cool companion to Trihubby could drive with The Tribe. Trimama, who will benefit greatly from sitting for a few days after the race could drive home with The Tribe and let Nephew fly home. All very doable.

You would do that for me?

"I'm doing a lot of things for you this year."

Yes, but none greater than this. Thanks Trihubby.

Now, on to hell.

Curiously, Bucknakedboy has been quite fascinated by the concept of hell and the devil of late. Apparantly there is a little fire and brimstone lad in his kindergarten class who has explained the whole concept to him. Surprisingly, along with the inevitable little "sex talk" I thought I would be the one to first illuminate the underworld for him. Ayudame Dios! They just keep learning these things younger and younger. Such is the nature of our educational system these days; forget snickering about human reproduction in the halls, that would be old school, heaven and hell are the new avant-garde.

"Are we going to hell? I think we are going to hell now."

No, BNB, the helixical descent of the parking ramp is not sending us to hell. At least not today.

"Are you sure, because it looks like hell down there."

Yes, I'm fairly certain that the River Center parking garage is not the gateway to hell, I think they hid that under Macy's.

Even now I'm not so sure he is convinced. He asked me on the way to grandma's house if he would go to hell if the car crashed right now. Note to self: find out who he is sitting by at school and seek to have them expelled. (oh just kidding)

We did manage to escape hades labyrinthe, which curiously had only "1/2" floors on it's elevator 2 1/2, 3 1/2 etc. and found ourselves in 60,000 square feet of convention center space.

I'm going to die right now! I'm in heaven and I'm going to die right now!

We had found our way into 5 year old train lover nirvana. The greatest hobby on earth.

N scale, HO scale, O scale, Thomas, Leggos, you name the train they had it on display.
plus a Thomas play area, plus a real train that we got to ride, plus mini doughnuts. What more could you ask for?
The coolest display in my mind was the 1 million or so leggos used to build a town with working train, underground subway and super goofy "secret windows" throughout. One of the windows had Michael Morre and a film crew at the scene of a toxic waste spill where HAZMAT workers stepped over the skeletal remains of co workers in an attempt to confine the mess. Another hole held an alien invasion in progress. But perhaps the most humor from Homer himself.

If you are too young to know-rent "Soylent Green" and consume with a six pack of very cheap beer.

1:20 rpe 7 spin yesterday 60 minute run with friend today

Happy Training.



Kewl Nitrox said...

Heh heh heh... Great post. Always enjoy reading your posts TriMama and so glad to hear that the travel logistics worked out. It will be so great to have the whole family at the finish line. TriDaddy is so kewl for being so fiercely supportive.

BNB is too cute - I am glad my 5yr old (R1) is not talking about Hell much (yet?). The train displays and play areas are so cool. My R1 and R2 would have loved to be there! The malls here just aren't as child friendly as those you have over in the States. I am green with envy...

Fe-lady said...

Great stories and pix! My husband and his friend are in the crowd scene of Soylent Green as he grew up near L.A.!
And I know the schools I work in discuss heaven or hell (never have)...I think the student's concepts are coming from other influences!

Fe-lady said...

I mean the classes (especially kinder!) NEVER discuss Heaven of Hell...but I am sure the topic has surfaced in classrooms country wide!

Comm's said...

Soylent Green. Wow that takes me back. Good mental jog.

Well thanks to you and tri-hub, Mistress has convinced herself to bring her and Mighty Mo to Florida. Thank you for your valued input at dinner.

Wylee said...

BNB is so cute! Look at that little train outfit, did he pick that out himself? (Glad to know you escaped the portal to hell. :))

nancytoby said...

Why not checking out renting an RV? It's expensive, but not compared to transport plus lodging, and makes a lot of sense with a group of that size. Ellie will be staying at the local RV camp, you could too!! This is where we've rented from twice:
but I'm sure you could find ones much closer.

Keryn said...

What a fantastic husband! And that's a great plan.

Duncan has become quite obsessed with death lately. "Mommy, I'm dead." "He's dying." "Did he kill her, Mommy?" Very odd. I don't know exactly how to handle it. Glad I'm not the only one with a weird kid.

Bridget said...

I love your son's train outfit. He is so adorable. My boys also get on kicks where they are fascinated about God and death. They always ask if God is real or made up like Super Heros. Funny but they have never once questioned Santa. I guess that guy just makes more sense.

So glad your family will be there for your big race adventure. I know I want mine there!