Friday, March 10, 2006

Mama Mia!

Load up the IPod folks, it's endurance time!

Listening to the sage advice of triathletes everywhere, I decided I needed a coach for this moumental season. However, they charge anywhere from $100-$300 a month. ouch! So I did the next best thing and went in for a virtual coach from Beginner Triathlete. At this site they have plans you can download for free, which is intitially great, but once you've equipped The Tribe with free plans you feel a little like the seniors who turn the doughnut samples at the grocery store into breakfast. So, I bought into the Silve Medal package, which I have officially dubbed the "Silver--kick your butt-go buy new skinnier jeans-medal workout". They say it is intended to get you across a half iron finish line feeling great. I was ready to settle for crawling-crawling is good.

After yesterday's rest day the week ends as follows:

3100 yd muscle endurance swim (you know the drill w/u then sets with lots of sprints and recovery)
1.5 hour on bike with the bulk at 75 rpm in big chain ring

Sat 3.5 hour bike (hopefully at least 2 will be outdoors! whoohoo!)

Sun 90 min run

The Tribe has the day off from school so we are going to the zoo this afternoon. I will be bringing both cameras.

BNB remains in mortal fear of hell, so we had a nice discussion about God while making oatmeal chocolate chip cookies yesterday. God must have been pleased because he allowed for the miracle that the cookies actually worked. In fact they were downright divine-and that has nothing to do with the 19 cups of butter and sugar the recipe called for. I am not a baker. Baking requires precision. Measurement. Sifting! Does anyone really sift their flour anymore? Anyone other than Martha's apprentice? You have to follow a recipe. Having aced food science in school I understand why my cookies flatten into black hockey pucks, I just never seem able to ammend the problem.

I am however, a chef. I cook well. Cooking is knowing flavors and textures, physical and chemical interaction and reaction. It's not measurement and precision, it's art and flair. It's flavor. You can actually taste what you are creating in process. Let's face it, cookie dough doesn't tell you much about the final state of the cookie. I cook by trial and error and generally things work out ok, at times downright wonderful.

The jury is still out on last nights meal. I embarked on a baked ziti adventure sans ziti noodles because we were out, so I substituted cheese filled tortellini. Added the spaghetti sauce and mozzerella and went to work on the salad. The cheeze had been in the freezer so it was taking time to melt. I built a fire, instructed The Tribe in setting the table and returned to the ziti. It was heating up, but still no melting. Increase heat, slice bread, call Tribe to table. Notice that heat has begun to reduce the starch of the tortellini to a gelatenous mess, yet still no melting. Decide not to tell Tribe that cheese must be so dried from freezer it is refusing to melt. Grab a handful of almonds and purposefully omit serving ziti to myself. Consider calling Papa John's, but it is getting late. Add bowl of applesauce to table to distract from cheese dilemma. Yes that makes four kingly choices for dinner. Decide to sample ziti, wouldn't want the Tribe to suffer food poisoning from freezer dried cheese. There is something familiar about this cheese. It's a little starchy. Eating, eating.

Hashbrowns! That wasn't mozzrella, that was hashbrowns! So, we had cheese torellini hash brown ziti for dinner last night.

Martha would be appalled.

Emeril would be proud.

The Tribe walked away full and that's what counts.

Turn up the IPod and have a great weekend!


walchka said...

Hashbrowns, oh no. Well at least the mystery was solved and like you said as long as the Tribe left the table full the task was accomplished.

BTW...I love your references to the Tribe. It's such a great name.

Good luck this weekend!

:) said...

cheese torellini hash brown ziti

You trendsetter, you!

(BTW...I don't think your oven gets hot enough to melt hashbrowns...)

Trisaratops said...

Awesome, TriMama!!! BTW--I'm with ya on baking! Who has time to do things like MEASURE? Or follow RECIPES? :) I like to think of my cooking as a very tasty experiment...grew up with a Mom and Dad who are amazing cooks so I like their trial-by-error method, too! Enjoy your weekend!

Carrie said...

So funny about the hashbrowns. I have to tell my mom that one. The other day she was making waffles and didn't realize she used corn starch instead of baking powder because the cans are both round. Oh, and my 3yr old son calls my dad Papa John Pizza because his name is John. One day he heard a Papa John's Pizza commercial on tv and stopped dead in his tracks- "mom, what did they say? Did they say Papa John Pizza?" as if he just realized Papa John was a celebrity.

mipper said...

hashbrowns! too funny.

Sixteen Chickens said...

Never heard of substituting hasbrowns for cheese in a recipe, but I'm going to try it! I once substituted catsup for spagetti sauce so who knows?

Anonymous said...

that's hilarious!

Tracy said...

OMG - if anyone could pull off the hashbrown miracle, it's the Trimama.

Keryn said...

I am on the same page about cooking vs baking. And I love the cheese tortellini hash brown ziti story. My hubby even appreciated it. :)

Fe-lady said...

Hey I would send that recipie into Emeril!! (He'd spice it up for you!)
Too funny...!
I make cookies for the cookie dough. We end up with fewer cookies but what the heck.
Hope you got to ride outside this weekend!

Susan said...

Hasbrowns? Hysterical.

Good luck.

Chris said...

Ack! I read half way down and had to stop because you were making me entirely too hungry! Man I wish it were lunchtime already.