Saturday, March 25, 2006

More choices

Ok, on the grand scale of things this probably doesn't rank among the top decision dilemma but it might be close.
A couple days ago two things landed in my email box Seems that both
Nashbar andPerformance are having a two-fer sale on bike tires. I really need new bike tires.


Victoria's Secret is also having a Spring clothing sale, and this outfit caught my eye. Follow along if you will.

Summer, hot/humid/steamy/pool/beach/kids/garden/landscaping/dirty/sweaty. Then late in the afternoon: shower/cool/clean/feminine/sexy/cocktails/credenza/relax in the shade watching the sunset.

See what I mean? It's a tough choice.


Comm's said...

I will speak for all men when I say get the tires, you don't need clothes to be around us.

Wil said...

GET THE CLOTHES. They'll have another tire sale before the season hits, and you will never buy clothes once race season hits.. :).

TriDaddy said...

yeah, thanks comm...real vote is get clothes o sexy mama :)

Fe-lady said...

You could work out in the top at least...I doubt if you could in that skirt...:-)
(BOTH maybe???)

mipper said...

tires... you can duplicate that look elsewhere for much less money. but then again, if tridaddy is voting for the clothes, get the clothes. maybe he'll give you a nod for both. ;)

Susan said...

Get the outfit!!!

Habeela said...

Could you pick a harder dilemma?! :)

Flatman said...

As long as it's from VS!!!