Friday, March 31, 2006

I've got Pith!

Big changes in the works, but for now all I can say is

I've got Pith! or Pithy? Probably Pith. Hopefully the new stuff will be up and ready by Monday.

Swim today, bike 4.5 hours (outside) tomorrow, run 1:20 Sunday

Have a good one!



Nancy Toby said...

Don't pith all over yourself. ;-)

Cliff said...

4.5 hr..booyah...are u increasing your bike time every 15 min? I am riding 4.5 hr this week too.

Next week I am hitting 4 hr and 45 min (or maybe 5 hr, now that i can ride outdoor) then I good into recovery week.

Keryn said...

What the heck is pith?