Thursday, March 30, 2006

Inquire no longer...

It's great to have wise and informed friends in the blogosphere. The "politely crazy" Habeela offered this analysis:
Regarding the falsies here are some densities to compare:
fat=900 kg/mL
muscle=1060 kg/mL
silicon=2330 kg/mL
salt water=between 1020-1030 kg/mL
water=1000 kg/mL

Michelle Lombardo: Advanatage? Disadvantage?

You decide. Oh, and in the event you failed high school chemistry, the most dense subject sinks. You throw out a blond joke here and I slap you upside the head.

Trihubby's tooth came out with much pain and anquish, requiring 3 stitches and the take home orders of "no rigorous activity" for 24 hours. Poor Trihubby, all that pain and no ability to take comfort from Trimama. This whole tooth thing has really been an unwelcome hinderance to our marriage.

Speaking of marriage, Trihubby's folks celebrate 55 years today! Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!

Last night was a 55 minute sprint/hill spin on the trainer. Today should be a swim/run but time is going to be tight.

The first thunderstorm of the year last night was awesome, but I want sunshine and outdoor biking. This weekend calls for 4.5 hours of bike and 1:20 run- bring on the sun!


Sascha said...

There was a thunderstorm last night?

:) said...

I bet she floats lovely...

William Lobdell said...


to make the proper prediction, i would need to spend extensive time exploring the density and shape of michelle's chest. by hand.

Cliff said...

I hope Trihubby feels better.

Did the dentist give him some strong pain killer to go with it?

Susan said...

Great job on the trainer - hope tri-hubby feels better!

jowisc said...


i know that i am off subject here but thanks for the comment on BT. you are proof to my point. i can't wait to tell my mother in law.

Fe-lady said...

I always say that if your marriage survives through surgery, remodeling and triathlon've got a stable relationship!
Hope hubby is feeling better soon and you have an spectacular (but pithy!) bike ride tomorrow! :-)
P.S. Notice how the women responded to your post versus the men....interesting what subject matter they picked up on! HA!
(And I thougt they were all evolved male triathletes...geeze!)