Monday, March 13, 2006

Snow Day

When your normal 53 minute run loop takes you 47 minutes do you still get credit for a 1 hour run? Does it make a difference if you run the loop twice, each loop taking 47 minutes but you sort through the nuance and detail of life so that you arrive home mentally clearer and refreshed?

I did a 1:34 two hour run yesterday and I think it counts. Well almost. I'm trying to follow my training plan, so I tacked on 10 more minutes through the neighborhood at the end. Then added a bonus weight lifting/core/stretching time. So it's 2 hours*. * is so asinine.

I felt a sense of urgency with my run, a storm was moving in, and I shared that urgency with every cyclist/runner who knew the time of clear paths was short.

We awoke to this:
Snow Day!!!!!!!!

I beg your pardon, did you say something? You'll have to excuse my momentary deafness. My eardrum shattered with the exhultant shout of The Tribe when they saw their school posted in the list among those that are closed. In spite of living in the great white north, snow days are rare. We tend to get cold, not snow. Because cold pushes snow to the south. March is the month where snow fights back-and wins-momentarily. We have the sun on our side now though-

We'll be biking again next weekend.

I love spring


Fe-lady said...

Miss those snow days...don't miss making up the time come May or June! have knocked off a CHUNK of time on your route. And yes it counts...for effort exerted alone!

Papa Louie said...

Looks like a beautiful snow day!

Keryn said...

I miss snow days too. Even living in Alaska, we didn't get them very often. The busses all had chains to deal with snow and stuff. School was closed maybe 4-6 times a year, tops.

Great run! Absolutely wonderful! How awesome does it feel to knock off that kind of time?

Oh...and you are incredible. So positive. The weather here made me grumpy, not thinking of my love for spring. :)

Rice said...

You know your old when you start thinking "we never had that many snow days. AND WE WALKED 50 MILES TO SCHOOL!"



Bridget said...

What the heck is a snow day? (only kidding) brrrr...

Sixteen Chickens said...

That turtle, I've seen it before, at the Minnesota Zoo? Or was it Como Park? Yeah, my kids had off on Monday too, and my son who wakes up 5 minutes before he has to get on the bus jumped up and started running around, then flopped in his bed and said "yay" into his pillow.

Tracy said...

The SAME thing happened here... ugh... better be melted by tomorrow!