Monday, March 27, 2006

I did it! I did it! I did it!

And this post has nothing to do with the port a potty and Kashi-that's why I entered two posts in one day-I didn't want to confuse my reading public.

What I did was to ride my bike 4 hours and fifteen minutes. On Saturday. On the dreaded trainer. But I did it! I've never ridden a bike that long in my life.

I didn't think I could do it. I almost didn't rationalizing that there was no way in "H E double hockey sticks" I wanted to sit on a trainer for four hours. But a four hour ride was in "THE PLAN" so ride on we did. We because The Tribe joined me in watching a movie and watching the snowy rain fall.

Hour one was moderate output-I'd say 15mph.
Hour two increase pace to 16 mph.
Hour three increase pace to 16.5-17 mph.
Into the great unknown and hour four 17-18 mph with hill sprints worked in for fun.

I have this psychological container in my head that tells me I am not an endurance athlete, I am a sprinter.

A four hour spin is a fairly decisive blow to that container. I suppose you could say it's a few more logs in the fire that forges the iron.

Yea me.


Nancy Toby said...

You ARE made of iron.

I am not worthy.


:) said...

Way to go! Your rear must feel like shredded cheese!

Susan said...

Great job - Ummm, Flatman's comment scares me.

William said...

You can still be a sprinter. The Tour de France sprinters ride all day and they still sprint at the end and the non-sprinters don't. You either are or you're not I guess.

You are lucky. Nice ride!!! Way to go.

Hollyfish said...

NICE JOB!! I need to add you to my list of mentally tough athletes... That's a crazy amount of time to ride a trainer. Excellent!

Sascha said...

oh my god. I'm ready to put a bullet in my brain at 90 minutes on the trainer although I love long rides in the outside. You go girl!

Dr. Iron TriFeist :) said...

Over 4 hours on the trainer? You are some kind of endurance stud. Great pic with the bike!

mipper said...

just awesome! and look at how ripped your legs are getting. lookin' good trimama!

Prospicient said...

Way to kick the trash out of that psychological you can put something worth-while in there, such as "Four hours on the trainer? Check. What's next?"

Keryn said...

Great day! Great job!

And of course you're an endurance athelete! Anyone who can just do a marathon for the first time and feel as good about it as you did is an endurance athelete.

Habeela said...

Anyone who can spend that long on a trainer definitely gets "endurance" attached to any title they wish! I thought 3 hrs was going to kill me! Way to put in the time!

Tracy said...

O M G! And on the TRAINER!!??? You are going to kill Fla!

Fe-lady said...

That is just awesome and crazy at the same time...!
One hour on the trainer is pure TORTURE for me. I guess you had some great songs on your ipod!
What mental and physical toughness-you are such a stud-muffin! :-)

Comm's said...


Cliff said...


i did a 4 hr 15 min on my trainer on sat as well :D..

it's nuts i tell u.

Hardest was at hour 2 and 3. I was staring at the clock and it wouldn't move at all. I must have been in one of those space-time anomaly.

Herself, the GeekGirl said...

Go, you! The voice in my head says that I am not a sprinter, I am a couch cushion.