Thursday, March 16, 2006

Ok, my booty is sore

I had to change up my training plan for the week and move the 3:30 bike to today. Three and a half hours is a long time on a trainer. Then on to a meeting at work. "Bloodborne pathogens" and "chemicals-your right to know" zzzzzzzzzzz. Turns out our member that died passed away in the men's room. Is that a bad way to go? He was a good man who lived a full and energetic life. Talked through our emergency response as well as other work scenarios. Hardest one to call: what to do with the anoerexic who weighs maybe 70 pounds at 5'8". She dropped her weights with a crash a couple times while I was working on Monday. We can't tell her to quit killing herself one ounce at a time. We can't even retract her membership. What would you do?

We had another snow storm here-see Trimama--see Trimama's biceps grow. There is no core workout quite like shoveling wet March snow. March snow is the blanket of beauty that gives way to springs abundance of green. Better a blanket of white than a field of brown and gray. Oh, but do we want to get the bikes outside!!!!!!!!!!

Big swim/run tommorrow then 2 hour run Saturday.

Have a great weekend!


Comm's said...

I have dealt with a few anoerexics and each one was different. BTW unless the Y has some weird thing on it because it is 'non-profit' you can absolutely cancel her membership, you can refuse service to anyone and exercise is flat out killing her.

Anyway the management has to be honest with the person. Have a sit down and explain clearly the concern they have for her as a human and the concern people in the gym around her have for her well being.

She doesn't want to lose her membership, I wouldn't be surprized if she had been kicked out of few clubs already because of her condition. Begin a program with her that she can remain a member as long as she maintains her current weight plus five pounds. She will be weighed in once per week by the manager or honest employee who will not announce the weight to others.

Also that she can only do 'X' amount of cardio a day in your club.

If she fails to comply, cancel her out, your members will appreciate it and she may eventually understand.

Wylee said...

Two snow days in one week is almost more than a Mom's patience can take. ;)

Comm has some great advice there.

Chris said...

I dunno. I think I'd opt for that blanket of brown and gray instead of that mess that we got last week.

Hope you had a great long ride. 3:30 on the trainer takes some serious mental toughness!