Monday, March 06, 2006

My lack of posting is disgraceful

So says Trihubby. I would agree except that I got a standing ovation tonight at dinner when I announced I did an entire load of socks in the laundry today. They applauded clean socks. I'll knock em dead with clean underware tomorrow. Suffice to say, it's been somewhere beyond busy here in the last several weeks, here are a few things I've learned:

1) I despise Intuit. In particular the support folks who said the integration of '03 software would be seamless into the '05 version and across the pc to mac platform have earned my ire. How much faith can you put in a software company that seems incapable of integrating their own support/sales/distribution system. Hence the disk I desperately needed to access all '05 payroll data on 02/03 did not arrive until 03/03-in spite of the weekly promise that it would arrive by Friday.

2) Yes it is better to compile and process every paycheck of a weekly payroll system so that you meet the filing deadline than to spend the prime of the Tribe's youth in tax evasion prison. Gee, I wonder if Intuit will refund me for my 12 hours of accounting madness that should have taken 15 minutes?

3) I am a Tri shopping whore- while there was no fashion show at the VIP sale at MLT shop, I will indulge in my own runway- I spent way too much money. Oh, but was it good!

4) Working for Trihubby is a rewarding yet time consuming way to indulge #3

5) I was glad to be working for Trihubby Saturday instead of taking the open shift at the Y. One of our members had a heart attack which was most likely fatal-the AED did not revive his heart and the para's were even reduced to compressions-not a good sign. I admit-it's selfish, but I just don't have the brain reserves to deal with a guy dying under my hands right now.

So, now reading back, I deleted 6-8 they seemed petty and stupid next to the last sentence

9) enough for now, need to tuck The Tribe into bed and read what is going on in the remainder of the blogosphere.


Anonymous said...

Don't worry--no.5 is not at all's important to know what you can handle!

Comm's said...

ce la vive. The only french you will ever get outta me.

Tribe come first.
your sanity second.
clean socks rule

mipper said...

i agree with Su.

i love socks... clean socks that all have matching mates. in my life, that would be like winning hte lottery.

Fe-lady said...

You are still way ahead of me! :-)

Hollyfish said...

No. 5 is not something I'd want to deal with even if I were 150% prepared, recently trained, totally geeked out emergency-junky paramedic ready to help save the world. It's just not any fun for anyone, ever. It's not selfish, it's human. Been there, don't wanna go back...

Can't wait to see the new tri-gear! Work the runway baby!

Sixteen Chickens said...

CLEAN SOCKS HURRAH!!!!!! Viva la Trimama! (I just wanted to join in the festivities.:))

Bridget said...

Taking care of the tribe is always the most important thing. Clean socks one day and underwear the next? Nice job.

I am planning to be a nurse but would still avoid #5 at my Y. I mean it is especially difficult if that is not what you are expecting.

Good luck with the tridaddy work!