Monday, June 13, 2005

Chasing Nancy and my Sunday run

Way to go Nancy and FTL! A Half Iron! I love watching my fellow athletes train and triumph. I see everyone out there and feel inspired- Hey Nancy did a half, maybe I can too. Iron Will did a Marathon maybe I can too. Commodore lifts 100 pounds-in each hand... not a chance. And curse the guys who leave those babies on the floor while I'm working-I gave up trying to rack them even. I had my nice long Sunday run. Went the farthest I've ever gone--in my life. 12.4 miles and it felt great!! I love to run. I loved it so much on Sunday I even had the insane thought to give up on tri and just focus on being a better runner. Then I realized God let me have one sport I can do so that I could have a little confidence to counterbalance my floundering and un-forte (ok not a word but I needed an F and I couldn't say fortitude because that deals with mental toughness to endure pain-and well I'm ok in that department-but I digress) I just keep reminding myself that I am learning two disciplines from scratch-especially swimming. I like swimming in a pool. I feel at home in the that water. One of my clients Fri night speculated that swimming is so great because it was our first existence-swimming in our mothers womb-so that explains my need to turn so often:) So, I'll treat myself, pool workouts this week baby. (oh bad pun there)

I gave my kids the assignment to come up with their own blog monikers- oh for the days of CB radios again 10-4 good buddy-breaker 19- yes I'm that old.

The 12 y/o of course came up with 7 or 8 possibilities-and wants them all, the 8 year old, who is convinced God meant to make her a horse and accidentally dumped human dust in the mold wants to be called Spirit or Charger or Beauty or etc. The 7 year old drew from his vast athletic experience, 1st grade field day, and wants to be known as "standing long jump" which was the station I monitored-otherwise he might have donned "water relay" as his name and the 4 year old-being the little boy he is wants to be "buck naked boy" of course other body parts and functions followed this suggestion, all met with great giggles by the other siblings. Somehow I don't think booger-wanke is appropriate (wanke being their term for boy privates)

So it's back to the drawing board-more to come on that note.

Finally, Tridaddy also ran yesterday-10.5 miles-the farthest he's ever run- and sweat so hard he broke the speaker on my cell phone he was carrying by sweating into the phone- explain that to the t mobile tech.

Way to go tridaddy!


:) said...

Congrats to both of you on the mileage bests! I like that pic by the way!!!

Bolder said...

You're blog is very inspiring TriMama... I think your Stensland pic is a masterpiece as well. So many creative people, it made my day.

I didn't know how to swim before my first tri (long story) and the waves were so high that I couldn't maintain my front crawl and had to do resort to breaststroke and sidestroke -- I am sure I was last out of the water. I couldn't even front crawl the width of a hotel pool when I started. Some lessons and many yards later I front crawled the next triathlon. I did it. You can do it too!

We're all anxious to see you succeed. Best of luck!

Nancy Toby said...

I love "buck naked boy"! I think my one daughter wants to be "running around without diaper girl".

And yes, if I can do a half, so can you! It's a LONG day, though!! :) Thanks for keeping an eye on me!!!

Tracy said...

Awesome road work!! And I have to say that the sweat in the cell phone thing had be laughing out loud! You're such a great writer, in fact both you and Tri-daddy are, what a great pair!

Thanks a bunch for the supplement etc. advice, I forgot that you were also a personal trainer, how COOL! Very much appreciated.

I have a feeling that you would ace anything you decided you wanted to tackle, swimming, biking, marathon, Ironman, anything. One of the reasons I really like reading your blog!

Comm's said...

Okay first off, I am really blessed that you mentioned me in your blog. Second, 100 lbs dumbells are in my past. I don't need one of my many fans coming up to me on the street lugging two 100 pound dumbells and calling me out.

My problem now is I created such a heavy lifter gym physique over the years that it has hampered my transition over time to triathlons. Its all a process...