Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Membership has it's privileges

LalaPalooza!!!, originally uploaded by TRIMAMA.

It has the largest prize purse of any tri. It is the quintessential battle of the sexes. It draws pros from around the world, including the top six 2004 olympians. So of course, it has to include TRIMAMA! How awesome is this? I will be dispensing my wealth of tri knowledge to the fledgling newbies at the Expo on Friday and in the transition area Saturday morning. Imagine me breathing the same air as Olympic Gold! Maybe some of it will wear off. I'm trying to memorize the names and faces of the pros so I don't go up to one and ask, "So, is this your first tri?" Unfortunately the TGK Tri god and goddess are not competing, I was hoping for a promo shot. You'd better believe I'll have my camera though.


Tracy said...

Oh how awesome!!! Can't wait for these pics!

Speaking of pics - looks like yours are sized right now and your border is back up (at least in Firefox). Did that sizing help, or is it just Firefox?)

:) said...

Very cool...I am jealous.

Nancy Toby said...

Woo hoo!! Have a GREAT time!!!!