Tuesday, June 07, 2005

With God as my witness I will never fear hills again


Sunday's race was a long stretch of brutal hills one after another. I knew by researching the map and area it would be a little hilly-I was not prepared for a constant incline 1/4-1/2 miles at a time. The average mph for the motp (middle of the packers) was 14-15 mph over 12 miles. Insane! What was trimama and "Will da Beast" to do. Just keep spinning, just keep spinning, cmon beast move...move. Whose will would prevail-trimama or da Beast. Beast wanted to stop-especially when I tried to gain leverage by getting up on my peddles-note to self- higher gear, start when you are actually moving forward-but trimama (of course I need to speak as myself in third person here because something else entirely takes over in these races :)) has a no quit policy-just keep spinning just keep spinning-release that competitive chip and try to pass someone for goodness sake-that's what I'm talking about- keep spinning keep spinning-boom we've crested the hill-beast is snorting and tri mama is mimicking labor breathing- mile 9 down on to mile 10 sheep farm-what is that unholy aroma-mile 11 one last incline- move beast! move! let's get this bad boy over with and get on to that sweet run! Oh this is interesting-lets have an intersection of outgoing runners, incoming bikers and two lanes of traffic cross in the same 5 square feet- weave beast weave-no not into that oncoming car-that would hurt- mile 11 and 1/2 tridaddy passes by on run-Go Batman (he looks like batman in his wet suit-very sexy I might add) get out of the clipless-see biker go down who clipped out and back in (the clip just grabbed back at that cleat-ouch serious road rash for her) turn pedals over to avoid same- cruise into t2 out of my way thee who insist on walking bike to rack- well not really-but I was ready to run! run run run-meet 3 new friends, pass superman the biker-yes- follow blue shorts (the one I'd been chasing through the bike course) 1.5 mile turnaround-chat-make new friend- time to turn and burn-tellnew friend I'll look for you at Castaway! blue shorts 20 ft up, pro athelete #1 just zoomed past-dang-I'm going go catch him- blue shorts 10 ft, 5ft on her heels-forget this I see the finish line- good bye blue shorts thanks for all the inspiration! Sprint break- finishing now #580 That's Tri mama big smiles and whoop whoop for all the volunteers,hang tht medal around my neck, hang my arms around tri daddy's neck we did it we did it!

Well I didn't mean to break into a race report there, I don't know where that came from-except for this- I drove over 100 hills yesterday and with each one I mentally crushed with my bike or in a run-it is time to take training up another notch-it's all hills. For God as my witness I will never fear hills again!!!!

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