Tuesday, June 14, 2005

I said all pool swims this week, I lied

So shoot me- but when you have the chance to swim with your tri coach and your other geek friends you go for it. We meet at 5 before the clubs 10k run on Tues and swim a great lake with an 80 yd swim area. Meteorological question, what do you get when hot humid air is clashing with a dipping cold jet stream? Big waves and thunderstorms and oh yea bigger waves (Ok, stop laughing you fortunate ones who swim in the ocean). By 5 the storm had passed over and the sun peaked in and out of mammary gland clouds, so it was safe to swim. We suited up and crashed on in to begin a warm up. Waves are fun, just ask my girls they had a great time "surfing" -Waves are hard to swim in, especially parallel to the shore. As Commodore would say, it was a mostly anaerobic workout. I ploughed through 8 lengths and gave up. I need to go to the pool and just work on aerobic conditioning in the pool, especially because I found a lovely green fungal goo in my suit when I got home to shower. The chlorine should kill that--I hope. It's off to the Sisterhood of the Taveling Pants with hypen daughter and her friend-report to follow tomorrow.

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