Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Here's a song Charles Manson stole from the Beatles-we're stealing it back!


When you get to the bottom you go back to the top of the slide and you stop and you turn and you go for a ride til you get to the bottom and you see me yea, yea yea yea

do you don't you want me to love you, going down fast now don't let me break you

tell me tell me tell me the answer- ain't no lover but you ain't no dancer

Every so often workouts click like a well oiled machine-you know you're in a groove when U2 begins to play as you hit the bottom of the biggest hill (1 mile climb straight up- switch backs over part for the cars) groove on up-then die. My legs feel like jello when I climb a hill like that. Little hills are like acccelerators-sprint up them and fly along- the term fly here is very relative- but long constant incline- aye caramba I rode 20 miles today intentionally going up every hill I saw until I meandered my way to this beast hill I first encountered in a torchlight parade 4 miler last year-the only race I've ever run that actually made me curse- so I knew it was a good hill- up down-jelly legs at top-cute workmen please don't let me stop and fall off my bike- shoot down the hill and back up again.
It wasn't so helpful the second time around when Gillian Welsch came on the mp3- note to self-folder out of sequence all slow crying songs-

I finished the hills and am rounding the lakes- year round beauty but awesome in the summer- Que onda guera... great Beck song-have no idea what a guera is-hope it's not a swear word because I'm singing out loud. I feel like I ought to loosen the shock system on Beast so I can bounce more-

Now back to car-preschool pick up me hijo and home. Wow I love biking

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