Thursday, June 30, 2005

Chasing the White Rabbit

Open Water swim is now 37 hours away, but hurrah the 4-5 inches of rain over the past days have pushed the lake temp well into wet suit range. I've decided it is faster to wear the wet suit with the team uni swag underneath than to do the swim suit and put uni on after the swim. Plus wetsuits guarantee I won't die on the swim. This is good because the dang (I can't swear here because hyphen girl and pop in law peak in on occasion) health insurance company called today to say that as of tomorrow tridaddy and I no longer have insurance coverage-thanks for the advance notice. Don't ask, it's a long story. Applied to an already fried psyche I am not a very pleasant person right now. Thank God for introversion, the kids never have to deal with my pissy moments. Rope it in and channel it out on the race course.

Tridaddy dubbed my exorcist workouts "chasing the white rabbit" It had something to do with the 13:15 2 miler while wearing my white running clothes, I think. Welcome to friggin wonderland.

I'm feeling that old aggressive competitive nature brewing, which can be a good thing if it just compells your performance. I could be a real jerk playing ball with that monster before when winning at any cost was the goal. I thought that beast was dead, turns out only sleeping. Tri training woke it up and now it's time to tame the Hydra.


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