Saturday, June 11, 2005

You move 16 tons and what do ya get?

Move 16 tons and what you get, another day older and deeper in debt. St. Peter don't ya call me 'cause I can't go, I owe my soul to the Home Depot. So when does moving 3 tons of rain soaked black dirt into your back yard count as a work out? Only when you house is so configured that there is no access to the backyard short of wheeling up the hill around the house and into the back, dump the barrel and return. I figure the route is an easy 300 yards, 75 being up a nice incline, reminded me of pushing the coaches VW bug up the hill during cross country season. Ok, so in the purest sense it doesn't count as a cardio workout-but I'm going to count it as a strength session-at least that is what my back and arms are saying today. Tomorrow will bring the 12 mile run. It's time to get back to the normal workout schedule since the kids are finally done with school- one word- no more band concerts/assemblies/field days/year end parties etc. Ok way more than one word but you get the picture. speaking of pictures Here's the famed Stensland Pose, or poser in my case.


Tracy said...

speaking of pictures Here's the famed Stensland Pose, or poser in my case. Don't think there's a link (is there supposed to be??) This has to be the bike over the head shot - right?

Holy cow with all that dirt - man, and how old are your kids? You have a little one, about the age of ours (one girl 4, and one boy 3). You're incredible to tackle all of this with four kids! I wonder how I keep my head on with just two!

Comm's said...

Trimama that is diffently a cardio and strength workout. Just because its not a tri discipline or done in a gym doesn't mean it dosen't count. Good job.

Great bike pose