Sunday, June 26, 2005

One of 16

I just checked the list of participants for my race Saturday, there are only 16 people in my division. Somehow that is worse than a race with 200 similar athletes. We scouted the race this past Saturday. Yes we are so geeked that we use our date nights to scout and prepare for races.

All right, tridaddy is reading over my shoulder and saw the 16 and exclaimed, "16! You'd better break the top ten!"

No pressure there. We were speculating tonight that we would both like to finish in the top 20, I guess we have that one in the bag.

Perhaps we should revise our goals.

I picked up Frankenbike from the local bike shop, they did a sweet job on her although the sales guy did point out that Mr. Bianchi would be rolling in his grave if he saw one of his seats on a Nishiki. It's all about global market now though, so RIP I say.

I used her on my training run. Oh the joy of acceleration! I need to reconsider the name as "gila monster" no longer seems adequate. Although if I dump it will be more like "Hell 'a monster" I'm a little timid on the bike, so we'll see how it goes.

Congrats to Kahuna and Iron Wil on their great races!

A little overshare here, but aunt flo is due to visit, I can tell because I'm feeling slightly homicidal. Standing Long Jump asked me tonight how I make my eyeballs spin in my head like that. Estrogen my dear son, estrogen. It was a good night for Nemo to baby sit (oh the shame) and sit on the front lawn with a cold beer (lite of course, I am in training)

Time to go, I need to post the names and stats of the OTHER 15 in my bike helmet, on the fridge, in the bathroom, on my arm... oh wait that might be a little over the top. (Who knows what hormone that is)


:) said...

Hilarious...Your son is a brave one, he is... I don't dare ask questions like that!!!!

Oldman said...

Good luck in your will be on the platform for your ag...

Nancy Toby said...

I think Nemo is a perfectly good babysitter. My girls just aren't quite old enough yet... but we're getting there! Better to use the TV for a few hours now and then, than to have a stark raving insane mom, right??

Tracy said...

You're going to have an awesome race - kick some butt (all 16 of them).