Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Wet suits and life jackets are legal on swim


Dang and dang and dang again. I was looking for races and happened upon a race that actually said this. Now, I can't find the race so I can't link (not that I've figured out linking yet anyhow-I'm working on that)

We're sorry to interrupt this program, be back in a few minutes

Ok, had to make a pancake for buck naked boy (4) and soapinator (8). We made the biggest pancake ever, bigger than both of their heads combined and now they both look like Templeton the rat returning from the county fair.

So I showed that race to tridaddy and we actually debated the merits of swimming in a life jacket. We surmised that wet suits offer adequate buoyancy and that a life jacket might be a bit cumbersome.

After yesterday's post my tri trepidation seems almost foolish, particularly after reading Commodore's post on training and racing. Racing is training-just a touch more expensive :) (The life jacket tri was only $20. My guess life jackets=no life guards on the swim portion)

So, I am going to train hard, swim my best and cross that finish line. "Don't look back" were tridaddy's parting words as he left for work this morning.


"I looked back at Buffalo. All you see is the next wave charging towards you in the water so you feel trapped. Don't look back"

It got him out of the water though-but I prefer to focus on the finish line.

swim run day today- have a great one


:) said...

...like Templeton the rat returning from the county fair...

This is the "funny-line-of-the-day"!

I love your posts!

Comm's said...

Swim in a life jacket? its like a dream come true for me. Do you think they would let me use one over my wetsuit at IMFL?

Nancy Toby said...

Everybody has panic attacks when starting open water swimming. It's mandatory. I hear it goes away with practice. That may just be a vicious rumor put forth by people marketing triathlon equipment, however.